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CBS News Report by Doug Williams
February 24
CBS News New York reports on the recent study of fecal bacteria being tracked indoors by Prof. Alessandra Leri and Biology alumna Marjan Khan ’20.
Marjan Khan ?20 quantifies fecal indicator bacteria in Professor Leri?s biogeochemistry lab.
February 3

If you live in New York City, avoiding dog feces on the sidewalk is an art form. But do fecal bacteria persist on the sidewalk after the feces are picked up? Can the bacteria transfer to your shoes? And to the indoors?

Professor of Chemistry Alessandra Leri, Ph.D., and Biology alumna Marjan Khan ’20 set out to answer these questions by quantifying the fecal pathogens enterococci and E. coli on New York City sidewalks, on shoe soles, and in the indoor environment.

Ashley Pavia ?21 at the SIMS Municipal Recycling Plant in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
January 31
Alumna Ashley Pavia ’21 and Dr. Alessandra Leri, Professor of Chemistry, have published an article on plastics recycling in the Journal of Chemical Education. The paper, “Analysis of Plastic Waste for Sorting in Recycling Plants: An Inquiry-Based FTIR Spectroscopy Experiment for the Organic Chemistry Laboratory,” describes how sophomore-level organic chemistry students can use infrared (IR) spectroscopy to explore the fate of plastic waste.