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  • Hailey Diaz writes: “One of the most memorable moments when I was abroad in Norway was seeing the fjords in Tromsø, located in northern Norway(217 miles north of the Arctic Circle); photos do not do it justice.”

    Hailey Diaz abroad in Norway Hailey Diaz abroad in Norway

  • Sophomore Psychology major Alexa Lissie spent a semester studying abroad at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. “Living with a host family was definitely the highlight of my study abroad experience. Being welcomed into a home and experiencing how people in a culture live, act, and speak made the experience unforgettable.”

  • Professor Biondi and Students at Villa Rotonda


    Professors Adrienne Bell (Art History) and Carrie-Ann Biondi (Philosophy) co-teach a study-abroad course in Venice entitled “Art and Philosophy in Venice.” In January 2010, students visited and gave presentations at historical, artistic, and archaeological sites in Venice, Padua, Verona, and Vicenza.  In this photograph, students are seen at Palladio’s Villa Rotunda (Villa Capra) in Vicenza. Throughout the course, they discuss connections between artistic movements and leading philosophical ideas from the ancient world to the modern era.

  • Professor Peter Naccarato and students dine in Perugia, Italy

    English and World Literature Professor Peter Naccarato has spent the last few summers teaching at the Umbra Institute, Perugia, Italy.  “I have brought groups of MMC students to Perugia, Italy, where I teach a course at the Umbra Institute called Mangiamo: Food in Italian Literature & Film.  MMC students share apartments with visiting students from other U.S. colleges and universities and have opportunities to study the Italian language or to take courses in other facets of Italian history and culture.  We also travel around Umbria and Tuscany and students have also travelled to the other parts of Italy (Rome, Venice, Sorrento, Capri) and Europe (Barcelona, Greece, etc).”


  • Professor Peter Naccarato and students in Perugia, Italy For several summers, Professor Peter Naccarato has brought groups of MMC students to Perugia, Italy, where he teaches a course at the Umbra Institute called Mangiamo: Food in Italian Literature & Film.  MMC students share apartments with visiting students from other U.S. colleges and universities and have opportunities to study the Italian language or to take courses in other facets of Italian history and culture.  They also travel around Umbria and Tuscany and students have also travelled to the other parts of Italy (Rome, Venice, Sorrento, Capri) and Europe (Barcelona, Greece, etc) independently.

  • Alanah Rafferty

    Alanah Rafferty writes, “I didn’t really know much about Latin American culture until I studied abroad in Buenos Aires. I came to find a place full of wonderful people, fascinating culture, and lots of opportunities to travel and explore. And on top of all that, I got to learn Spanish! I’d recommend this program to anybody who likes to try something new and different. The classes at Universidad de Belgrano were really great. I was able to learn about the history of the place I was living in, and it really helped me understand and thrive there. You can learn everything about history, art, dance, and even the economics of Argentina when you do the program at Belgrano.”

  • Molly Kessler and friends in London

    Senior Communication Arts Molly Kessler writes, “Moving to London was the best decision I have made in my life so far. Not only was it a great way to immerse myself into a new culture, but I have learned so many new life lessons too. Learning the school system in London was fun. It is very different from Marymount’s, but it was easy to grasp! Meeting new people and making new friends was part of the experience I loved. I came home with a new best friend and a core group of people who have left imprints on my heart that will never fade. The best part about being in London was being able to travel around the world. I went to Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome, Spain, and Ireland in the span of six months. I got to see places I had only once dreamed about. Studying abroad is a great opportunity, and I think everyone should try living in a different country at least once. I already have plans to move back to London after graduation.”

  • Student Government Association President Vladimir Martinez spent a January session in Santiago, Chile taking a class on Human Rights and Transitional Justice.  He was really happy about it!


    Vladimir Martinez, Santiago, Chile

  • Natalia Tuero tiptoes through the lavender in Aix-en-Provence


    Communication Arts major Natalia Tuero writes, “During my nearly three months in France, I spent seven weeks in Paris taking an Art History course on Impressionism-Post-Impressionism at the American University of Paris and the next month traveling the south of France and also exploring much more of Paris. I would define my study abroad experience as life-changing. Not only did I submerge myself into a different culture, with its language challenges and different customs, but I also learned a lot about myself in an unfamiliar environment. I met a lot of interesting people and made life-long friends. I highly recommend studying abroad because it allows you to grow in a different academic and cultural setting, it broadens your points of view, but most of all because the thrill of living in a different place makes for an inevitably fun experience!”

  • Kiley Griffith (double major, International Studies and Dance) spent a summer enacting her commitment with the Clinton Global Initiative University to create an after school for children living in the impoverished township of Nyanga. “I created activities that promoted critical thinking skills, team building, and English proficiency. As you can see in the pictures, I also created a danced-based program for children (ages 2-5) in “creche” or preschools in two communities within the township, Khayelitsha.”  Upon her return to MMC, she undertook an independent study to analyze how to combine dance and development.

    Kiley Griffith teaching preschool dance in South Africa

  • Professors Alessandra Leri (Chemistry) and Jason Rosenfeld (Art History) took students to Rome during a Spring semester. The students had hands-on experience studying Roman art history from antiquity to Baroque, and were able to utilize their newly acquired language skills.  On the last day of the trip, Carol Berman ’14 delivered a presentation on the Colossus of Constantine, the colossal acrolithic statue of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great, pictured here in the courtyard of the Palazzo dei Conservatori of the Musei Capitolini with the group.

    Leri- and Rosenfeld-led travel course to Rome

  • Senior International Studies major Cathryn Adams studied in Amman, Jordan through AMIDEAST, and partnered with the Qasid Institute for Classical and Standard Arabic to complete a Middle East Studies and Arabic Language program. She also interned with The Jordan Times, Jordan’s only English daily newspaper.  “I feel so fortunate to be in the heart of the Middle East at such an important time in history.  Working with The Jordan Times has been incredible because the media has been crucial throughout the Arab Spring, and Amman has provided me with a unique environment to study and live through this exciting period for the region.  I fell in love with Jordan when I was here last year and I simply could not stay away, especially with all the changes happening in the region.  I am happy to have been able to call this place my home, and I know I will be back soon.”

    Cathryn Adams in Amman, Jordan

  • Junior International Studies major Joe Liner spent a semester studying abroad. “Right now, I’m living in Hangzhou and studying Mandarin at Zhejiang University, one of the top three universities in China.  My American program also provides classes in Chinese history, heritage and culture, which, along with supplementing my language studies here is allowing me to keep a proper course load and stay on track to graduate on time.  I’ve wanted to go to China since I was five years old, and being here for the first time has definitely lived up to my expectations.  As an International Studies major, studying abroad is a crucial part of applying the knowledge you gain by sitting in class to life around you.  There is no better way to understand the world than by going to another country and experiencing it independently.”

    International Studies major Joe Liner in Hangzhou, China


  • Alvin Young, who double majors in International Relations and History with a minor in French, spent a term at the IES (Institute for the International Education of Students) Center in Rabat and Mohammed V University, studying Arabic and French languages and history, politics, and economy of Morocco and North Africa.  “My time in the Moroccan Sahara was the most peaceful experience to date.  Being in the desert allowed me to reflect on the journey that I was taking in Morocco.  Not knowing what was next, it was foolish to make predictions.  I had no concept of time; all I was sure about was that my presence was there in the desert and that was all that I needed to treasure.”

    Alvin Young in the Moroccan Sahara

  • Senior International Studies major/Economics minor Ricardo Soares spent a summer semester at the International College of Seville, where he studied Spanish language, culture, and society. “I tried to think of a highlight of my summer in Seville I am flooded with great memories: the awesome friends I made both in my program and in the city, the inspiring professors, and the endless fun I had exploring as much of the city as I could.  I guess I really can’t just pick one thing.” 


    Ricardo Soares in Seville, Spain

  • Junior Dance major/French and Business Management minor Anna Antinozzi studied recently at the Institut Catholique de Paris (Catholic University of Paris), where she focused on French language, art history, and French and Francophone film.  “I think the highlight of my trip has been my growing confidence in myself as a person, as a student, and as a traveler.  It takes an incredible amount of personal conviction to study abroad and I have found that it has only grown from the start.  It is an amazing feeling when your new surroundings first begin to click.  It started with simply ordering at a Parisian boulangerie and it grew to speaking French with natives in Morocco.  My study abroad experience has taken me to so many new places physically and mentally.  I will be forever grateful for the wonderful new memories I have created during my time abroad.”


    Anna Antinozzi in Paris


Exploring London and Paris Fashion Industry

Exploring London and Paris Fashion Industry

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    In honor and recognition of Judith Savard, RSHM, Marymount Manhattan awards the Sr. Judith Savard Fellowship to an Art or Art History major to study art abroad.

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