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Congratulations to all our Fall 2024 admitted students! We can’t wait to welcome you to NYC this fall. Be sure to make your deposit today to secure your spot.

Administrator Content

Website administrators can edit high-profile areas of the site such as the site header and footer.

We’ll keep a list of these areas here, with directions on how to edit them.

Header and Footer Navigations

In the Web Admins group, go to Pages > Navigation.

Look for view navigation and open the menu.

Choose one of the following navigations:

  • Main Navigation
  • For You
  • More To Explore
  • Request - Visit - Apply
  • Inside MMC - Buttons
  • Inside MMC - Other Links  (appears below buttons)
  • Footer Directories
  • Footer Legal


For each navigation, you can remove a link, rename a link, or add a new link.

Clicking “Rename” will rename the navigation link only, whereas clicking the page title will rename the page title and the navigation link. 

Note: Once the site is live, we highly recommend testing any navigation changes on the development site before making changes to the live site.

Footer Image

A random starred image from the 2021 Footer Images collection appears at the bottom of every page. If no image is starred, a random image without a star appears.

In the Web Admins group, go to Images > 2021 Footer Images.

Upload an image at least 1600 x 900px and star it to always appear.

Social Links

These are hardcoded into the site-header and site-footer includes, respectively.


The footer maps are kept in the Web Admins group.

Go to Images > 2021 Footer Maps.

There is a Small Circle Map which is the circular map that appears in the footer (200 x 200px)

The Large Map appears when you click the circle. (1400px x Any Height)

To replace either of these maps, click the image to edit, then under Image Preview click “replace with a new file from your computer”

Upload a new JPG image with a similar size, and save. The footer maps will be updated.

Other Areas

Other things in the header and footer are hardcoded into the site-footer.html and site-header.html includes. These files can only be edited by accessing the filesystem. Please ask your developer.