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  4. Images are HIGHLY encouraged. Upload the highest quality image or a few images. Use the image cropper tool to select a square thumbnail that appears in news listings around the site.
  5. Fill out the rest of the form with the title and summary for your story. Make sure the summary is less than 3 lines long.

  6. You have the option to add a link to YouTube or Vimeo if you’d like to show a video.
  7. Under Story Details, use the return key (enter) to write multiple paragraphs .

  8. Click Save when finished. You can also click Save and Go to Story for a preview.

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Default Order

Kerry Walk and Peter Naccarato

MMC President Kerry Walk to Step Down in June

Vice President for Academic Affairs Peter Naccarato Appointed Interim President

Random Order

  • <div class="feature alumni"> <div class="feature__media"> <picture class="lw_image"> <source type="image/webp" srcset="/live/image/gid/95/width/800/height/800/crop/1/src_region/0,0,305,423/24011_Kiley_Reid_-_The_Daily_Show.rev.1583204999.webp 1x"/> <source type="image/jpeg" srcset="/live/image/gid/95/width/800/height/800/crop/1/src_region/0,0,305,423/24011_Kiley_Reid_-_The_Daily_Show.rev.1583204999.JPG 1x"/> <img src="/live/image/gid/95/width/800/height/800/crop/1/src_region/0,0,305,423/24011_Kiley_Reid_-_The_Daily_Show.rev.1583204999.JPG" alt="Kiley Reid '10 on The Daily Show" width="800" height="800" data-max-w="305" data-max-h="423" loading="lazy"/> </picture> </div> <div class="feature__text"> <h2 class="h3"> <a href="">Author and Alumna Kiley Reid ’10 Appears on The Daily Show</a> </h2> <hr class="feature__hr"/> <div class="feature__summary"> Author and alumna Kiley Reid ’10, an Acting major and Religious Studies minor at MMC, joined Trevor Noah on <em>The Daily Show </em>to discuss <em>Such a Fun Age</em>,  her best-selling debut novel about the precarious relationship between a black babysitter and her wealthy white female employer. </div> </div> </div>
  • <div class="feature dance-community-and-social-justice-concentration dance-and-media-concentration dance-ba-major dance-ba dance-bfa-major dance-bfa dance-companies dance-major dance-minor dance-studies-concentration dance-alumni dance dancer dancers dept-dance jazz-dance-concentration mixed-dance modern-dance-concentration teaching-dance-arts-concentration"> <div class="feature__media"> <picture class="lw_image"> <source type="image/webp" srcset="/live/image/gid/96/width/800/height/800/crop/1/src_region/0,0,910,440/27457_Mark_Morris.rev.1648569001.webp 1x"/> <source type="image/png" srcset="/live/image/gid/96/width/800/height/800/crop/1/src_region/0,0,910,440/27457_Mark_Morris.rev.1648569001.png 1x"/> <img src="/live/image/gid/96/width/800/height/800/crop/1/src_region/0,0,910,440/27457_Mark_Morris.rev.1648569001.png" alt="Mark Morris Dance Group" width="800" height="800" data-max-w="910" data-max-h="440" loading="lazy"/> </picture> </div> <div class="feature__text"> <h2 class="h3"> <a href="/live/news/4417-dance-alumni-shaq-charles-21-and-sara-haarmann-12">Dance Alumni Shaq Charles ’21 and Sara Haarmann ’12 perform in Mark Morris’s “L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato”</a> </h2> <hr class="feature__hr"/> <div class="feature__summary"> <span style="font-weight: 400;">Marymount dance alumni Shaq Charles ’21 and Sara Haarmann ’12 perform in Mark Morris’s “L’Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato.”<br/></span> </div> </div> </div>
  • <div class="feature "> <div class="feature__media"> <picture class="lw_image"> <source type="image/webp" srcset="/live/image/gid/108/width/800/height/800/crop/1/src_region/0,0,1536,2048/24818_00nyprotest-03-superJumbo.rev.1600709800.webp 1x"/> <source type="image/jpeg" srcset="/live/image/gid/108/width/800/height/800/crop/1/src_region/0,0,1536,2048/24818_00nyprotest-03-superJumbo.rev.1600709800.jpg 1x"/> <img src="/live/image/gid/108/width/800/height/800/crop/1/src_region/0,0,1536,2048/24818_00nyprotest-03-superJumbo.rev.1600709800.jpg" alt="Biology Alumnus Kevin Mora ?19" width="800" height="800" data-max-w="1536" data-max-h="2048" loading="lazy"/> </picture> </div> <div class="feature__text"> <h2 class="h3"> <a href="">Biology Alumnus Kevin Mora ’19 Featured in The New York Times</a> </h2> <hr class="feature__hr"/> <div class="feature__summary"> Biology alumnus <a id="rwTH2a041dd6f08f8167019b2c7598e7ccfc" href="/live/profiles/3322-kevin-mora-19" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Kevin Mora ’19</a> is playing a pivotal role as a street medic in NYC protests, as featured in the <em>New York Times</em>.  </div> </div> </div>


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