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  • π + 1.01 Day Celebration Math Department Holds The Eleventh Annual Pi-Day Contest
    Every year, the Mathematics department holds a College-wide π-Day contest. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to submit an original sentence, paragraph, poem, or short story that uses the digits of π in order (π ≈ 3.1415926..).
  • Permission to Take the Course in Another Institution.
          Mathematics department does not give permission to take the course in another institution if the same course is offered at MMC in the semester when it is requested. 

    The faculty in the Department of Mathematics want to ensure that taking a course at another institution will help you succeed. Sometimes, other institutions offer courses that sound like our courses, but are of lower quality and provide much less content. For this reason, we don’t always approve these requests, and we need information to ensure that the courses taken elsewhere are equivalent to the courses we offer here.  
  • Aisatou Ishimori banner Aisatou Ishimori ’23 Awarded Prestigious Watson Fellowship
    This year’s coveted Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship has been awarded to Marymount Manhattan College sophomore Aisatou Ishimori ’23, a double major in International Business and Marketing. The Watson Fellowship is a three-year program that provides funded summer internships and unprecedented opportunities to promising undergraduate students from twelve New York City partnering schools.