Program Evaluation (EVAL)

Program Evaluation (EVAL) is an advising tool for students and faculty. By utilizing Program EVAL, students can monitor their own degree progress online through MMC Connect. 

Program EVAL will display students’ completed courses at MMC, transfer courses, in-progress courses, and pre-registered courses. Students can determine how many credits remain until graduation, and how many requirements are satisfied/not satisfied in the General Education, Major, and Minor. This tool help students select classes for upcoming semesters and stay on track for graduation. Program EVAL also allows students to explore alternative majors through the What If? feature.

It is important to emphasize that Program EVAL is an unofficial advising tool. It does not serve as a contract, and it does not substitute as a transcript. Rather, an official certification of graduation must be completed by the Registrar’s Office. If you are interested in learning more information about Program EVAL, please visit the Registrar’s website