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Re-Admit & Returning Students

Welcome Back!

We are excited that you have considered returning to Marymount Manhattan College to complete your degree.

Regardless of your total number of credits, the Office of Student Success Advising (SSA) is here to assist you during your transition back; we will review your academic record and assist with advisement and registration. 

Before Re-Admission

Degree students who have not been in attendance for one or more semesters, and are not currently on maintenance of matriculation, must apply for re-admission to the college before registering for any future classes. The readmission process is very straightforward. To be re-admitted, students simply complete and submit a re-admission application to the Office of Student Success Advising at least two weeks prior to the start date of the semester/session for which re-admission is sought. To be considered for readmission to the college, a student must clear all financial holds and should have left the college in good academic standing, as defined by a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better.

Students who were previously admitted through a special program such as HEOP or Access, may be required to re-interview for such programs, prior to re-admission, as other conditions may apply. Also, students who had previously majored in Theatre or Dance must notify those departments of their desire to return and may be subject to re-audition.

Students who have taken college credits in other institutions while being away from MMC must submit all related transcripts for evaluation prior to being approved for re-admission. These credits are likely to transfer and may be used to satisfy either Gen Ed or major requirements, once such credits have been evaluated. Unless otherwise exempted, all re-admitted students will be required to satisfy their degree requirements under the catalogue that is in place upon their return, and as such may be subject to new major or general education requirements. 

For re-admission to degree status, please complete and submit the Re-Admission Application to the Office of Student Success Advising. It can be emailed to

Re-Admission Application

After Re-Admission

If you are returning with 60 or more earned credits, and have not yet declared a major, we will assist with major exploration and declaration; students must declare a major by the time they have earned 60 credits. If you are an upperclassman, SSA will work with the academic department of your respective major to ensure a smooth transition. You will be assigned a faculty advisor within your academic department who will serve as your advisor for the remainder of your academic career at MMC. It is important for re-admitted students to meet with a Student Success Advisor during their first semester back to make sure that they are fully aware of their degree requirements under the current catalogue.

We are happy to work with you as you recommit to your studies and moving forward towards completing your degree.

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