Permanent Withdrawal from the College

To withdraw permanently from the College during a given semester, a student must formally withdraw from all registered courses by completing a withdrawal form available in Office of Student Success Advising. At the time of withdrawal, students must complete an exit survey, signed by the Office of Student Success Advising, the Center for Student Services, and the Office of Residence Life, as appropriate. Such a withdrawal will take effect as of the date the student completes and signs the official withdrawal form. A student who chooses to withdraw voluntarily from the college will be held liable for tuition and other charges as of the effective withdrawal date, consistent with the College’s tuition cancellation policy.

Withdrawal from the College for a Semester

Students who wish to withdraw from all courses during a given semester with the intention to return to the College must complete a withdrawal form as described above, and they must complete an exit survey indicating their desire to return to the College within a given time period. If, due to circumstances beyond the student’s control, the student cannot complete the withdrawal form, a letter/email to the Director of Student Success Advising will constitute official withdrawal notification. Students informing faculty that they will not be returning to College is not sufficient and is not considered an official withdrawal.

Students seeking a temporary withdrawal from the College should apply for maintenance of matriculation for the up-coming semester. Failure to secure maintenance will require the student to apply for re-admission prior to any future registration.

Withdrawal from One or More Courses in a Semester

If a student withdraws from one or more courses during a given semester, the withdrawal is effective as of the date the student officially withdraws, and a grade of “W” appears on the student’s transcript. Students may only withdraw without academic penalty during the official withdrawal period in each semester/session, listed in the College Catalogue and on MMC’s website.

A student who chooses to withdraw from classes during the course of a given semester may incur failing grades for all such withdrawn courses. It is therefore the responsibility of the student to become fully aware of the academic implications of such withdrawals at the time that such action is taken. The course(s) from which a student withdraws will appear as part of the student’s permanent transcript unless such withdrawals occur prior to the official “last date to drop a class without a grade.” Students withdrawing after this period but during the official withdrawal period will receive a “W” grade which carries no academic penalty and is not computed into the student’s GPA. However, students withdrawing after the last date to withdraw with a “W” grade will receive a “WF” grade which counts as an “F” grade with 0 points.

Students who cease attending courses without officially withdrawing will be given a grade of “UW”. This grade will factor into the student’s GPA and will count as an “F” grade. Students should know that ceasing to attend classes or notifying an instructor of intent to withdraw does not constitute an official withdrawal. Further, a student who withdraws for medical or psychological grounds is subject to the policies and procedures below. The student is responsible for all charges on the account due to his/her withdrawal.

Medical Withdrawals

A student may apply for a medical withdrawal when, due to some physical or psychological problem, he or she is unable to complete the course of study during a given semester. In such circumstances, the student must make a request to withdraw prior to the last day of the semester and before the faculty have submitted final grades for the courses involved. It is important to note that an approved medical withdrawal will apply to all courses for which the student is currently registered. In general, a student who receives at a least one passing grade in a given semester is deemed ineligible for a medical withdrawal. Further, students seeking to withdraw from some, but not all, courses in a given semester will be subject to the normal withdrawal process.

The following procedures and policies apply to medical withdrawals:

  • Students seeking a medical withdrawal from a given semester must first notify the Office of Student Success Advising of their desire to withdraw from all courses for which they have registered. Upon such notification, the student will immediately be withdrawn and awarded withdrawal grades based upon the date of notification, pending completion of the process below.
  • In addition, the student must submit to the Director of Student Success Advising a letter from a licensed medical or mental health professional (appropriate to the reason for withdrawal), certifying that due to a medical problem – either physical or psychological – the student is unable to continue his/her studies during the current semester. Where the medical problem is of a psychological nature, such a request will be forwarded to the Director of the Counseling and Wellness Center prior to the approval of his/ her request.
  • In highly extenuating circumstances, requests for medical withdrawals, along with substantiating documentation, may be made no later than 30 days after the end of the semester for which such consideration is sought.
  • After all documentation has been submitted and the request is granted, the Director of Student Success Advising will authorize the Registrar to award “W” grades in all courses for which the student registered during the semester.
  • Students whose requests have been granted will receive a letter from the Director of Student Success Advising confirming the approval of the request and outlining the associated terms and conditions.
  • It is understood that the granting of a medical withdrawal, whether psychological or physical, does not in any way constitute or imply a cancellation of tuition or other fees for which the student is currently liable. The determination of any refund will be in accordance with the College’s refund policy. 
  • A student whose medical withdrawal request is granted may apply for maintenance of matriculation for up to two subsequent semesters. A request must be made to the Registrar in the Center for Student Services prior to the start of each semester for which the student wishes to maintain matriculation.
  • A student whose request for medical withdrawal was granted is required to submit a letter of clearance from a medical practitioner no sooner that 30 days before the start of next semester for which registration is sought. In cases where such withdrawal was based on psychological reasons, such a clearance is also mandatory.
  • Students who fail to register for a subsequent semester (Fall or Spring) and who have not been granted maintenance of matriculation must apply for and be approved for readmission prior to further registration. In the event that such an absence from the college was initiated through a medical withdrawal, the medical clearance letter becomes mandatory and must be submitted along with the application for readmission.
  • In all cases, students whose medical withdrawal was granted may not re-register for any subsequent semester without prior approval by the Director of Student Success Advising. In addition, at the discretion of the Director, a student whose medical withdrawal was granted may be required to take an involuntary leave of absence from the college for up to one year.
  • All international students and students in special programs, such as HEOP and Academic Access, must inform the directors of their programs of any intention to request a medical withdrawal.

Retroactive Medical Withdrawals

Under certain extenuating circumstances, a student may request a medical withdrawal after the term has ended. The Director of Student Success Advising and the Center of Health and Wellness Director, if applicable, will consult and review each case. If a retroactive medical withdrawal is granted, all final grades for the given term will be converted to “W”’s - Official Withdrawals. Under no circumstances, will a student be able to obtain final grades in some courses and “W”’s in others. Requests for partial withdrawals will not be accepted.