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Applying for Graduation

Congratulations, future graduates!  If you are on this page, you must be close to graduating.  Please read the following information to help guide you through the graduation process.

For more information about this year’s Commencement ceremony, click here.

Graduation Information

  • Students should run their program evaluation in MMC Connect to check which degree requirements have been completed and which requirements are still outstanding.
  • Students should discuss their program evaluation with their advisors for additional guidance and recommendations. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all degree requirements are fulfilled and that he/she will have at least 120 credits upon graduation(opens in a new tab). Students who complete or will complete 120 credits do not automatically graduate or receive a diploma.
  • All candidates for degree are required to file the online graduation application on MMC Connect by the application deadline date. Students who are not completing their degree requirements should not apply for graduation.

Degrees are conferred three times a year: September, February, or June. The deadline dates to submit the graduation application are as follows:

Graduation  Graduation Term Application Deadline* Deadline for Outstanding Requirements Conferral Date
February Fall September 15 January 30 February 1
June Spring November 15 May 30 June 1
September Summer May 15 August 30 September 1

*If the 15th day falls on a weekend, the deadline will extend to the following Monday

Commencement Participation

Students who complete all requirements (including degree recipients from September of the previous calendar year as well as those from February and June of the current year) and who receive clearance by the Registrar by the date posted in the academic calendar will be eligible to participate in that year’s commencement proceedings.

A senior, who has no more than 6 credits remaining in order to complete their degree, may request to participate in the May Commencement. Candidates who request permission to participate in commencement and “walk” must agree to complete the remaining credits in the summer sessions that immediately follow commencement.

To participate in commencement and “walk”, students may register for no more than a combined total of 6 credits during the summer sessions, and must pay for those credits before submitting the Special Request for Permission to Participate in Commencement Ceremony (opens in a new tab)application is submitted, in order to participate. Courses taken outside MMC must be completed by August 15th. Students have until April 1st to file the Special Request for Permission to Participate in Commencement Ceremony application.

Participating (Walking) in the commencement ceremony does not guarantee a student will graduate. In all cases, students who are permitted to participate before completing the requirements/ credits for any degree are required to complete those requirements before his/her degree will be awarded. The College is under obligation to the State Education Department to certify as graduated only those students who have successfully completed all requirements for the degree for which the student was matriculated.

Note: A student who participates in the commencement ceremony before completing their degree forfeits eligibility for honors at the Baccalaureate ceremony. Once the student’s degree is completed, summa, magna, and cum laude honors will be recorded on the student’s diploma and transcript, if they are found to have earned such distinction.


Diplomas are not distributed at Commencement but are normally available within 6 - 8 weeks after graduation. If a student requires proof of graduation prior to receiving their diploma the student may contact the Center for Student Services to request a “Certification of Graduation” letter.

The Registrar’s Office will mail the diploma 6 - 8 weeks after the conferral date, when the degree requirements have been certified by the appropriate department. In addition to the student’s diploma, the degree recipient will receive an unofficial final transcript from MMC. If the student has any outstanding obligations, the diploma and transcript will be withheld until all obligations have been satisfied.

Name on Diploma

MMC issues diplomas under the student’s legal name or the name as it appears on the student’s academic record. Nicknames or variations from the student’s legal name will not be published on the diploma. Students requesting a different name on the diploma will be required to submit an Official Change of Name form. Students must provide proof by attaching a copy of the marriage license, divorce decree, court papers, copy of certificate of naturalization, or similar documents.

In the event a diploma is lost or damaged, the student may request a duplicate diploma by submitting the Re-Issue Diploma form(opens in a new tab). If the diploma was damaged, the student must return the damaged diploma, accompanied by Re-Issue Diploma form.  The student should note  that a replacement be issued. The student can mail the form along with payment (if applicable)  to:

Marymount Manhattan College
221 E. 71 St.
New York, NY 10021

Attn:  Registrar’s Office

Please Note:

  • Graduates must clear their financial accounts with the College.
  • No grade changes may be made to the academic transcript or record, after a degree has been awarded to a student. Requests for student’s name change, address, and/or review of grades will be denied.

Senior Year of Study

Students are advised to consider the following when making decisions about study options outside of MMC in their senior year of study:

  • Study Abroad /Hunter or Pace Consortium – It is recommended that students do not take study abroad courses or courses taken at Hunter College/Pace University in their final semester. Transcripts from Study Abroad institutions, Hunter College, or Pace University, which often follow a different calendar from ours, may be received after the graduation deadline. Should a transcript not be received on time, the student’s graduation date will be postponed to the next graduation period.
  • Course waiver and course substitutions must be approved by the appropriate authorities (Division/Dept. Chairs, Dean, and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs) and submitted before the graduation deadline date. Any delay in the submitting these documents may postpone a student’s graduation date.
  • Students, who are completing their final semester of study should not request a grade of INC for any course in her/his program. Delay in resolving an incomplete grade may postpone graduation to the next graduation period.