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Leave of Absence/Withdrawal

Leave of Absence

Students who must interrupt their studies for a compelling reason (for example, sustained illness, personal or financial matters that impede their ability to continue study) may be allowed to leave school for a stated period, not to exceed one year or two consecutive semesters. To do so, and thereby, retain one’s matriculated status, a student may request to maintain matriculation by completing a Maintenance of Matriculation Application Form.

To qualify for maintenance of matriculation, students must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Must be in good academic standing (that is, the student’s cumulative GPA must be at least 2.0)
  • Must have satisfied all past and current financial obligations to the College; students
  • Must not have had any disciplinary action taken against them, while in attendance at MMC
  • Must not be on an F-1 visa
  • Should not be planning on matriculating at another college/institution while maintaining matriculation at MMC.

The maintenance of matriculation application must be submitted prior to the beginning of the given semester for which the maintenance of matriculation is sought. Students can check on MMC Connect to see if their request for maintenance of matriculation has been approved.  If the application has been approved, the maintenance of matriculation code, “REG 001” will be listed under “Academic History”. Students will be notified via MMC email if their application has been rejected.

If the student’s request for maintenance of matriculation is approved, the student’s permanent academic record or transcript will indicate that the student had maintained active status via this registration. However, students with approved maintenance of matriculation are not considered enrolled and cannot receive verification of enrollment from the College for that time period. In addition, maintenance of matriculation does not prevent a student from loan re-payment, if applicable; maintenance of matriculation has no bearing on the student’s full- or part-time status. Thus, students who have been approved to register for maintenance of matriculation do not need to apply for readmission to the College and may be assured that any academic scholarships they may have been awarded at the time of their admission to the College will remain available to them, provided they continue to meet the eligibility criteria. Lastly, these students will be bound by the catalog requirements in effect at the time of their initial enrollment at the College, provided that the date of that catalog does not exceed the statute of limitations (10 years) imposed by the State of New York.

Students, who require a second semester away from the college, may indicate so, by checking off both terms on the application form. Under no circumstances will a student be permitted to maintain matriculation for more than two consecutive semesters. Students who either fail to apply for maintenance of matriculation or who do not return after their registration for maintenance of matriculation has elapsed will be required to apply for re-admission in order to return to their studies at MMC. Students who seek re-admission are subject to the catalog requirements in effect at the time of their re-admission and will have forfeited any financial assistance awarded them by the college at the time of their original admission to the college.

International students, who must attend classes to maintain their F-1 Visa status, are not eligible for Maintenance of Matriculation. They should consult the Director of International Recruitment in the Office of Admissions for additional information.

Official Withdrawal from MMC

Students who decide not to return to MMC must formally withdraw their registration. To do so, students file an Official Total Withdrawal form with the Office of Academic Advisement.

Any student who is considering or planning on withdrawing from MMC should seek advice from a faculty/academic advisor and financial aid counselor(if applicable) prior to applying for official withdrawal from MMC. Students requesting a leave or withdrawal should also be aware of the refund deadlines and refund policy, as stated in the college catalog or the Center for Student Services’ website for the financial liability of the cost of tuition, fees, meals, and housing.  

Unofficial Withdrawal from MMC

Students who cease attending classes without officially withdrawing will be given grades of “UW”-unofficial withdrawal. UW grades will factor into the student’s GPA and will count as “F” grades with 0 quality points. Students should be aware that ceasing to attend classes or notifying an instructor of intent to withdraw does not constitute an official withdrawal.