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About Registration and Records

Mission Statement

The Office of the Registrar plays an important role in the development and implementation of the vision and shared values of Marymount Manhattan College. The Office of the Registrar is dedicated to providing quality service to students, faculty, staff, and other members of MMC’s community. We are committed to maintaining the accuracy, integrity, and privacy of Marymount Manhattan College’s student records; ensuring compliance with all federal and state regulations and policies; and working collaboratively with all divisions and departments. We uphold the college community by:

Implementing and executing MMC’s academic policy, as well as applicable federal and state regulations and policies

Notifying and updating students on registration information, graduation/degree completion requirements, and the annual FERPA notification

Teaming and collaborating with other academic departments and colleagues, especially in determining a student’s eligibility for graduation(course substitutions, waiver, etc), inputting the online course schedule for registration, maintaining curriculum updates and requirements, and student academic records, and lending administrative support services to academic departments and various committees by providing statistical data on a regular basis to provide essential registration, enrollment and degree completion information about individual students, faculty workloads

Ensuring that the College maintains accurate personal, academic and enrollment records for its entire student population, past and present

Gathering, processing, and maintaining student information, including applying transfer credits, advance placement, CLEP exams, and change of grade

Responding to information requests regarding student information

Issuing enrollment verifications, enrollment certifications, and transcripts

Timely responses to verifying and certifying enrollment and graduation status to external agencies such as the National Student Clearinghouse, Veterans Administration, and the National Student Loan Data System 

Yielding success by encouraging and promoting teamwork, creativity, and innovation and providing excellent service to students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and others in the MMC community by a caring, knowledgeable staff

The Office of the Registrar Performs the Following Services:

  • Prepares and provides online registration
  • Reviews and certifies degree requirements for graduate candidates
  • Provide curriculum maintenance and academic support
  • Maintain student records
  • Provide enrollment and degree verifications