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Part Time Faculty Handbook

Table of Contents

I. History and Mission

History and Mission
Liberal Learning
College Seal, Motto, and Mascot

II. Organizational Structure


III. Academic Structure

Chairs and Program Coordinators

IV. Curriculum Planning and Student Learning Assessment

Curriculum Planning
Student Learning Assessment
Learning Goals: GE
Learning Goals: Majors/Programs
Course Differentiation in Academic Divisions

V(a). Academic Policies Specific to Faculty

Statement on Academic Freedom
Courtesy Appointments
Conflict of Interest
Responsible Conduct of Research
Professional Ethics
Research with Human Subjects
Syllabus Distribution
Part-time Teaching Award

V(b). Academic Policies Specific to Students

Academic Honesty
Academic Standards
Credit Hour
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act FERPA

VI. Procedures for Faculty

Alcoholic Beverages
Absence from Class
Reporting Non-Attendance
Request AV Equipment
Access to Classrooms
Admittance to Campus
Class Rosters
Contact Information
Course Cancellation
Academic Alert Notification
End-of-Term Course Evaluations
Emergency Procedures
PT Faculty Development Funds
Grade Submission
Letter of Agreement
Military Leave
MMC ID, Email, Network Accounts
Multi-Purpose Machines
Submitting Syllabus
Textbooks and Other Required Books

VII. Resources and Facilities

College Facilities
College Resources

VIII. College Policies

 Americans with Disabilities Act
 Assistance Animals
 Conflict of Interest
 Discrimination and Harassment
 Domestic Violence
 Drug-Free Workforce
Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Gifts and Gratuities
Guidelines for Approval of Published Materials
Hate/Bias Crimes
Immigration Reform and Control Act
Inclusivity Statement
Policy on Sexual Misconduct
Relationships between Employees and Students
Standards of Conduct
Violence in the Workplace
Reporting Dishonest or Fraudulent Behavior
Rights of Nursing Mothers
Inclement Weather/School Closings

VI Procedures for Faculty


(From Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article XXI

Section 2

For all other Bargaining Unit Members the following policy and procedure will apply:

  • Each Member shall be allowed up to two (2) absences from a scheduled class in a credit
    course during any semester without loss of pay for: any acceptable reason under the Paid Safe
    and Sick Leave Act and its amendments, jury duty, bereavement, academic or professional
    conferences or meetings approved under Article XXII, or personal emergencies or similar
    personal needs, including religious observance, which cannot be postponed.
  • The Member must notify, as soon as possible, the Chair of the division in which the member
    teaches of their absence.
  • Should the Member require additional absences due to extraordinary personal or professional
    reasons, they may make a request to the Chair of the division or his or her designee with as much
    advance notice as is possible. The decision to approve or deny the Member’s request is at the
    discretion of the Chair of the division. Such extraordinary absences shall not be cause for
    disciplinary action.
  • In the event that the Member has more than two (2) absences from a scheduled class in a
    credit course during any semester, and such absence has not been approved as exceptional by the
    Chair of the division under Section 2(c) of this Article, the Member shall have the right to appeal
    the decision, in writing, to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty. The
    Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty’s decision to approve more than two
    (2) absences from a scheduled class in a credit course during any semester shall be final and is
    not subject to the grievance procedure.
  • Where additional absences are not approved by the Chair of the division or their designee, the
    College retains the right, under Section (f) below, to replace the Member where the Member is
    absent beyond two (2) scheduled classes in a credit course during the semester.
  • In the case of a Member’s absence extending beyond two (2) scheduled classes in a credit
    course during any semester, the College may elect to replace the Member for the remainder of
    that semester at the sole discretion of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of
    Faculty or their designee. The decision to replace a Member under this section is vested
    exclusively in the management of the College and is not subject to the grievance procedure,
    except as to any dispute as to the actual occurrence of absences. In the event the College declines
    to exercise its right to replace the Member, their salary shall be reduced on a pro-rata basis for all
    missed days in excess of two.