Griffin Network

Welcome to Griffin Network

Tap into the power of the global MMC network! 

Griffin Network enables you to:

  • Re-Connect: Find and reminisce with classmates, see what they have been up to, and stay in touch
  • Give Back: Introduce, employ, and be a mentor to our current and graduating students
  • Expand: Leverage your professional network to get introduced to people you should know
  • Get Ahead: Advance your career through inside connections working in top companies and access to exclusive opportunities

You can sign up in less than two minutes by importing your LinkedIn or Facebook profile.

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Join the Mentoring Program!

  • Alumni: Provide mentorship to current students or recent alumni interested in your field
  • Students/Recent Alumni: Find a mentor in your industry with a built-in common interest: MMC!

Join a Group:

  • Network with MMC Community Members in groups based on Class Year, Academics, or other interests
  • Don’t see a group you think should exist? Create one yourself and invite others to join!

More Ways to Connect on Griffin Network

  • Feed: Share personal and professional updates with the MMC Community
  • Directory: Find and connect with MMC Alumni throught the Directory
  • Events: Learn about and RSVP for MMC Events
  • Photos: Explore MMC’s past, present, and future through various photo albums, and upload your own!