Completing an internship as part of your undergraduate education is a great way to apply what you have learned in your classes to a real-world setting. It is also an opportunity to begin building a network with professionals, add experience to your resume, and open up your options for employment after college. Internships have been cited as the number one way for companies/organizations to recruit college graduates. Internships can also help students figure out what they want to do and as well what they do not want to do post-college. Students who successfully complete internships are better positioned to find permanent employment in this challenging job market. 

The College has two academic internship programs: Off-Campus Internships and On-Campus Internships. 

Off-Campus Internships

Marymount Manhattan’s External Internship Program allows students to earn academic credit for their internship at an external company or organization. Students can apply to receive credit for their external internships during the Fall, January, Spring, and Summer semesters. The information below provides resources for finding internships as well as the eligibility requirements to receive credit, the requirements of the Online Application, how to access the Online Application, and an outline of the application process. Students may receive credit for paid or unpaid internships.

Internships taken for-credit during the Fall/Spring semesters are covered by tuition as long as the internship is included in the 12-16 credits taken at full-time status. Internships taken during January/Summer OR under/beyond 12-16 credits are charged at the per credit rate for that semester type. 

 How to Receive Credit


Students wishing to receive credit for their off-campus internship must meet all of the following requirements in order to submit an application to receive credit:

  1. Have completed a minimum of 24 credits at MMC (or 12 credits at MMC for transfer students).
  2. Possess a GPA of 2.0 or above.
  3. Hour Requirement: Students must complete 40 hours of work at the internship per credit over the entire semester (1 credit = 40 hour, 2 credits = 80 hours, 3 credits = 120 hours). 

Please Note: Students completing Paid Internships can apply to receive credit for their off-campus internship. 


Students wishing to receive credit for their off-campus internship must complete the Online Application to Receive Credit for an Internship. This application requires students to have the following:

  1. A Completed For-Credit Internship Learning Agreement: This document must be completed by the student and the internship site supervisor before completing the online application. A completed digital copy must be uploaded to the online application. This form is a fillable PDF that can be completed electronically by the Site Supervisor and the Student. This is NOT the application to receive credit.
    Click Here to Download the Learning Agreement
    PLEASE NOTE: This form is NOT the application to receive credit. 
  2. A Syllabus made with a Full-Time Faculty Member: A Full-Time Faculty will supervise students during their internships and provide them with assignments for this graded course. Students must meet with their faculty member and develop a syllabus prior to submitting an application to receive credit.  Please be sure that the syllabus includes the number of credits and the course level. A digital copy of the syllabus must be uploaded to the online application to receive credit. 
  3. A Copy or Screenshot of the Internship Offer Letter/Email: Students must upload a copy of the offer letter or email they received for the internship. This copy/screenshot should include the name of the Site Supervisor, their Supervisor’s Email or Phone Number, and the Start and End Date of the Internship. If the offer does not include this information, the student should ask for a formal offer that includes these items. If the offer is sent from an employee other than the Site Supervisor (like an HR Representative) at the company/organization, the student should ask this person to include the name of the Site Supervisor and their contact information in the offer letter/email. 


Click on the blue button below to complete the application to receive credit for your Off-Campus Internship.

Click Here to Complete the Online Application
to Receive Credit for an Internship

Once the application is filled out, the application will be reviewed by the Office of Career and Professional Development. Upon completion of the application you will be prompted to make an appointment via MMC Career Connection with Ryan Atwell to discuss the internship process and protocol. You must schedule a meeting in order for your application to be approved and added to your schedule.


Summer Session 1 (May 20 - June 21) Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Summer Session 2 (June 24 - July 26) Wednesday, June 26, 2024
Fall 2024 (September 3 - December 18) Tuesday, September 10, 2024

*Please note that January and Summer Session for-credit internships are NOT covered by financial aid or scholarships and are NOT included in regular tuition. For-Credit internships have an academic component that allows you to receive academic credit. For this reason, they are treated like classes and have an additional cost during the Summer and January Sessions. The current rate is $965 per credit for January and Summer sessions. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact
Ryan Atwell at

On-Campus Internships

On-Campus Internships provide educational and experiential opportunities for students to receive hands-on, pre-professional experiences supporting a variety of projects and initiatives in both academic and non-academic divisions and departments across the College. These 1-credit internships provide a valuable tool for students early in their academic careers to build both technical and interpersonal skills in order to prepare them to pursue external internships and job opportunities both during and after college. In addition to learning valuable skillsets from across the range of professional work done within a higher education context, these on-campus internships allow students to make an impact on the College community and to find their unique place at MMC.


For assistance, email Ryan Atwell: