Emotional Intelligence Symposium

EI posterA stellar GPA, a resume full of internships, or a leading role in a Main Stage production are all proud accomplishments. But the real secret to success has more to do with being able to manage your emotions, develop effective interpersonal relationships, solve problems, and deal with stress.

Join us TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29 for Emotional Intelligence: The Foundation of Success—a symposium geared toward teaching you the skills and strategies you’ll need to succeed!



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Schedule for the Symposium

The program will kick off with a Keynote Address by Dr. Nava Silton, Associate Professor of Psychology at MMC in The Commons (overflow seating will be available in the Regina Peruggi  Room). Then, students will attend two separate breakout sessions of their choice.  Descriptions of the breakout sessions are below. This program will be repeated twice during the day to accommodate busy schedules—please select one session to attend:

Section 1

10:00 – 11:00am Keynote Address by Professor Nava Silton
11:15am –12:00pm Breakout Session #1
12:15 –
Breakout Session #2


 Section 2

Keynote Address by Professor Nava Silton
2:30 – 3:15pm Breakout Session #1
3:30 – 4:15pm Breakout Session #2


About the Keynote Address:

How to Nurture and Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence in College & in Life!

Nava R. Silton, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology

 This session will help students define the construct of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and learn the principal components of EI. Students will become familiar with exciting data in the area of EI and will glean a better understanding of why EI is so critical for school success, wellness and overall life success. Through role-play and other interactive means, students will learn hands-on techniques for both nurturing and enhancing their EI. Finally, students will benefit from personal anecdotes and examples that will help them best apply the information to their daily lives. The session will end with a brief opportunity for questions and further discussion.


About the Breakout Sessions 

During the symposium, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in two of the following breakout sessions. Read the descriptions below.

*Please note that there is a capacity of 25 participants for each breakout session—register early to secure your spot!

The Four Tendencies: Upholders, Obligers, Questioners and Rebels. Which one are you?
Moderator: Megan McCaffrey, Career Counselor/CityEdge Coordinator
Location: Carson 503
One of the big daily challenges of life is: “How do I get people—including myself—to do what I want? Certain people seem to have a goal and stick with it, while others struggle to complete something they know want. Author and founder of the popular podcast Happier, Gretchen Rubin has written extensively on the “four tendencies”—a framework that identifies how you respond to inner and outer accountability. In this workshop, we will explain what the four tendencies are, which one you are, and how this knowledge will help make your life happier and healthier. 

Coping Strategies for Students of Color in Predominately White Institutions (PWI)
Moderator: Ryan Atwell, Assistant Director of Career Services and Internship Programs
Location: Carson 201


Happy Go Lucky
Moderator:  Neda Hajizadeh, Director of Counseling & Wellness Center 
Location: Regina Perruggi
Ever wondered how to work on being happier? We spend so much of the day trying NOT to be anxious or sad or trying to distract from negative feelings so we can get through the day. What happened to making the effort to be happy? This workshop will help remind us of the importance of happiness in everyday success by introducing some of the elements of Yale University’s popular Happiness-101 course.

Under Pressure
Moderator: Suzanne Sorrentino, LCSW
Location: Carson 504
Student life is demanding. Learn how mindfulness can help you be your best self even when the pressure is on.


The Key to Success? Failing Well.
Moderator: Deborah Giordano, PsyD, Assistant Director for Training & Staff Psychologist
Location: Carson 505
Colleges across the country are creating programs to combat students’ fears of failure. Why? Because failure is a part of life and can be instrumental in helping us grow and strengthen our resilience.  In this workshop, we’ll explore failure in depth, including how to harness our own failures to become successful MMC students and thrive as human beings.



Moderator: Mark Cutolo, LCSW
Location: Carson 509
Ever feel frustrated about not being heard or understood despite trying to make a point? Being in college can intensify the experience of differing options, misunderstandings, and general conflict with peers. To be able to survive the challenge we use two key elements of emotional intelligence; self-awareness and social skills. This workshop will teach you the DEAR MAN technique to Describe, Express, Assert, and Reinforce while being Mindful, Appearing confident, and Negotiating. The result? Becoming an effective advocate for your own needs.  


Look Up
Moderator: Robin Nackman, Esq, Executive Director, Career Services
Location: Carson 510
Turn off your email; turn off your phone; disconnect from the Internet; figure out a way to set limits so you can concentrate when you need to, and disengage when you need to. Technology is a good servant but a bad master.