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MMC Career Connection

  • Ensure you have an active MMC Network Account. If you are a graduate of MMC, please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs to begin the process of acquiring your MCA. 
  • Enter Career Connection by going to and clicking “MMC Career Connection”. Your username and password for our site can be found in the MMC portal.
  • Create a profile and upload your job search documents. You can then apply directly to positions through the Career Connection.
  • Check out the announcements on the front page and the “jobs and internships” tab for new postings. You can also narrow your search results by location, position type and specific employers.
  • Begin Searching Now!

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Career Fairs



If you are using the Career Fair for a Job Search…
  1. Introduce yourself, make eye contact and shake hands. Offer a copy of your resume, give a bit of background such as major, graduation date and state your interest in an internship, entry-level position or summer job.
  2. Ask a few questions pertinent to your goals: “What entry-level, intern or summer opportunities are available? What are the qualifications you seek in candidates for these positions? Do you focus on particular skills and experience? Do alumni of my school work for your organization? What are the characteristics of a successful hire? What is the best way for me to express my interest?
  3. LISTEN carefully to the representative’s responses and to their discussions with others. Don’t be afraid to express your career goals. Be FOCUSED in your conversations. Keep the emphasis on the company and your job search. Be sure to clarify the appropriate steps to follow if you are interested in being considered for opportunities.
  4. Always leave a quality copy of your resume. If you are not completely focused, be enthusiastic and ask questions. This is simply an introductory meeting and an opportunity to gain information that will help you to follow up with the company. Also remember, you are speaking to a recruiter who could possibly recommend you for an interview or even as a hire!
If you are using the Career Fair for Career Exploration….
  1. Greet the recruiter by saying hello, making eye contact and shaking hands. Introduce yourself and identify your status, saying something like “I’m just beginning to explore career options. I am very interested in the field of television news. May I ask you a few questions about the field?
  2. Questions may include: “I read that your organization offers opportunities in research. Do they require any special skills or experience? What abilities do you believe contribute most to success in this field? Do you know of any opportunities in the organization?” Be inquisitive!
  3. Thank the representative for their time, collect literature and to continue on to another table. The more people you talk to, the better. If time permits, review materials collected, and possibly return to particular representatives for further conversations.
  4. You may wish to write thank you notes to certain recruiters whose companies were of interest to you. Collect business cards or jot down contact information. Follow-up can set the scene for informational interviews and, ultimately, a job interview. Also, visit your Career Office to review your experiences and strategies.

Career Services holds two annual Career Fairs. There is one in the fall and one in the spring. There are also other Career Fairs hosted around the city and you can find out about these opportunities by checking the MMC Career Services Homepage Calendar. 


On Campus Employers

Career Services also offers students the opportunity to interact with employers who visit campus to recruit for open positions. This is a great time to bring a resume and speaking with employers about your qualifications. These events include Information Sessions, Employer Spotlights and On-Campus Interviews. Past employers who have participated include: Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Dylan’s Candy Bar, MTA Transit Transit News, 9/11 Memorial, Pookie & Sebastian, Bookmarks 4 Fun, Mythic Bridge and more!

Mark Groce of the MTA speaking with graphic design and video students about preparing for their career field and interning with Transit Transit News.