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Completing an internship as part of your undergraduate education is a great way to apply what you have learned in your classes to a real-world setting. It is also an opportunity to begin building a network with professionals and open up your options for employment after college.

Internships have been cited as the number one way for companies/organizations to recruit college graduates. They are also an outstanding career counseling tool and can help students figure out what they want to do and as well what they do not want to do post college. Students who successfully complete internships are better positioned to find permanent employment in this challenging job market. 


Resources for finding internships

  • MMC Career Connection
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • (non-profit, government, and arts internships)
  • Look directly on the websites of companies you would love to work for to see if they have an internship program or opportunities
  • Speak with your professors about opportunities 
  • Read emails sent by your department as they often contain internship and job opportunities

Make an appointment with Career Services to have your resume and/or cover letter reviewed before you begin applying to internships. 


Requirements to complete a for-credit internship 

  1. Have completed a minimum of 24 credits at MMC (or 12 MMC credits for transfer students).
  2. Possess a GPA of 2.0 or above.
  3. Find a full time faculty member at the college to supervise and approve their internship. Faculty will supervise students during their internships and provide them with assignments for this graded course.
  4. Have completed the CareerLab assignment “Draft Your Informational Interview Questions”. Now located in MMC Engage, please click here to complete the assignment if you have not done so already. 
  5. Have completed the For-Credit Internship Learning Agreement . This document must be completed by you and your internship site supervisor before submitting your application. You must upload a completed digital copy when you complete the application. 


Academic Internship Application Process

The internship application process can take up to five (5) business days to complete. It is advised that you start the process as soon as you have secured an internship. If you secure an internship close to the end of Add/Drop, speak to the Center for Student Services about adding an Internship Placeholder to your schedule. This will not register you for an internship, but it will allow for proper billing for the semester. 

  1. Once the student is offered an internship, the student must have the Employer complete the first page of the Learning Agreement (located below) and then the student must complete the second page of the Agreement themselves. 
  2. The student must complete the CareerLab Lab 3 assignment “Draft Your Informational Interview Questions” via MMC Engage, please click here to complete the assignment if you have not done so already. Students only need to complete the CareerLab assignment before their first internship for-credit. Students registering for any additional internships for-credit while at MMC do not need to complete this CareerLab assignment again. 
  3. Once the Learning Agreement and CareerLab Assignment have been completed, the student must complete the Online Application to Receive Credit for an Internship (located below). The student must upload a digital copy of the Learning Agreement to the Online Application before it can be submitted for approval and registration. 
  4. After the student has completed the online application, Career Services will review the Learning Agreement and CareerLab assignments to ensure they are complete.
  5. The student will then receive an email from Career Services to schedule an appointment with the Internship Program Coordinator to discuss the non-academic requirements and expectations of their internship. At the end of this meeting, the application will then be sent to the Faculty Supervisor for review.
  6. The Faculty Supervisor will then review the Learning Agreement, attach a digital copy of the Syllabus for the student’s internship, and give their approval. The application is then sent to the Division Chair. 
  7. The Division Chair will review the Learning Agreement and Syllabus, and then give their approval sending the application to the Registrar’s Office. 
  8. The Registrar will then register the student for the internship and add it to their schedule.

Please note that January and Summer Session for-credit internships are NOT covered by financial aid or scholarships and are NOT included in regular tuition. There is an additional cost for internships during January and Summer sessions.


For-Credit Internship Learning Agreement

Click Here to Download
the Internship Learning Agreement

PLEASE NOTE: You must upload a completed digital copy of the Learning Agreement to the Online Application (below) to start the process to register for a for-credit internship.


For-Credit Internship Application

Once the application is filled out, the application will be reviewed by Career Services. You will receive an email to make an appointment via MMC CareerConnection with Ryan Atwell to discuss the internship process and protocol. Please use the MMC CareerConnection link in the email to schedule this appointment. You must schedule a meeting before your application can be sent to your Faculty Supervisor and the Division Chair for approval.

Please note that January and Summer Session for-credit internships are NOT covered by financial aid or scholarships and are NOT included in regular tuition. There is an additional cost for internships during January and Summer sessions.

Last Day to Submit an Application to Receive Credit for Fall 2020:

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The application is CLOSED for Fall 2020.

An email will be sent when the application opens for Winter 2021 and Spring 2021 internships. 

Please reach out to Ryan Atwell with questions or concerns.