Jump Start

Are you MMC ready?

Start strong, finish stronger with Jump Start, MMC’s college readiness program! Uniquely designed for incoming students, Jump Start helps students gain an edge on college success through single course focus, allowing more time for social, academic and mindful adjustment.

·         College Coursework


·         earn degree credits early 

·         Readiness Workshops


·         learn executive function management

·         Citywide Excursions


·         adapt to living in New York City

Even routine runners engage in specialized training to complete a marathon. We know you want the best preparation before embarking on this, the next long stretch of road leading up to your college graduation. Join Jump Start this summer and be MMC ready!


The 2020 Jump Start program will be held August 2 – August 22 

By participating in Jump Start, students earn up to 4 credits and fulfill a DS credit requirement for their degree! Through Jump Start, students also have the opportunity to meet with advisors to develop a uniquely personal and career focused, 4-year plan to make efficient use of their time at Marymount Manhattan College. The program also includes a wide variety of cultural and distinctive city excursions, as well as shows!


What is the course?

PHIL 101*

Introduction to Philosophy: Superheroes in the City

This course is a basic introduction to some of the major themes in Western philosophy with a twist: students will be asked to investigate philosophical problems in and through the figure of the super-hero. The course will focus on metaphysics (the study of nature and reality) and epistemology (the study of knowledge). Consequently, the problems we’ll address include free will, personal identity, and the nature of the mind.

*Subject to change



  • Residential Students - $4,904.00*
  • Commuter Students - $3,554.00*
  • Meal Estimate - $35 per day (Dining Dollars are accepted)

*2019 program cost.  2020 cost to be announced.

Metrocards are not included.


 Parents and Students say…

“One of the best things about Jump Start for me was that it made the transition into my first semester of college much smoother than I thought it would be. I had a few weeks to learn how to get around the campus and find useful resources before I actually needed to use them, and by the time I needed to use them for classes, I was good to go. Besides making my first semester easy, I had a head start on college credits, which allowed me to take one less class during the fall semester while still being on track. Overall, I enjoyed my experience because of the new friends I made and the crazy stories I will have to tell for the rest of my life.” Olga K.


“Jumpstart helped me build confidence for entering my college career as well as showed me the type of effort necessary for success.” Brooke J.


 “For someone who is a transplant to New York City, the Jump Start program was a complete success for our daughter. She learned about the City, the public transportation system and the history of the City. It also made her feel more comfortable in getting to know some of her classmates prior to the fall semester.  It was helpful to be set up in the dorms early as she had to settle into her routine before the semester started.  I would highly recommend the Jump Start program to any parent as it was a worthwhile experience for our daughter.” Clifton G.



Admitted students will receive more information about Jump Start upon acceptance. Submit an application if you’re interested in the program!

Spaces are filled on a rolling basis. This program is offered for students entering their first fall semester at MMC.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who should attend?

    Interested first-year students should attend Jump Start.

  • Why Should I Attend?

    Jump Start will help you transition smoothly into the college community of Marymount Manhattan and New York City. You’ll gain an advantage by experiencing the campus, becoming familiar with academic support services and engaging in a credit-earning course.

  • Will Jump Start credits count towards my degree?

    Yes! Any courses offered through Jump Start will fulfill core requirements for all majors.

  • What is a daily schedule like?

    You will participate in class and co-curricular activities, Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. Evenings are free for you to study and complete class assignments. The evening/weekend activities are optional; it is completely up to the student whether they would like to attend these activities or explore the city on their own.

  • Who are the Jump Start peer mentors?

    The peer mentors are Marymount students who are familiar with the campus and metropolitan area and are available to support you both academically and socially. They’ll understand very well the challenges you’re facing and can address your concerns from a place of experience.

  • Can I use my meal plan during Jump Start?

    Yes! Students are permitted to begin using their Fall Semester Dining Dollars, which can be used at designated eating areas. It is estimated that meals will average around 35 dollars per day.

  • Am I able to add/drop a class once Jump Start begins?

    August 3 is the last day to drop a course without a grade.  Jump Start 2020 “W” period begins on August 4. As of August 7, Jump Start 2020 withdrawal results in “WF” grade. August 10 is the last day to withdraw from Jump Start with a “WF” grade.

  • What will the check-in process be like?

    On August 2, check-in will take place in the afternoon at the 55th Street Residence Hall.

  • Will I be allowed to remain in the residence hall until the start of the fall semester?

    Yes, students wishing to have summer and fall housing will stay in the same room and retain the roommates they had during Jump Start.  Participation in Jump Start also means Substance Free housing is not an option for you.

  • What should I bring to Jump Start?

    Bring with you all of the belongings you will need for the fall semester. Before the program begins; Residence Life will suggest a list of items to bring.

  • Can I arrive late or leave Jump Start early?

    Late registration takes place on Monday, August 3. After August 3, students will forfeit any program cost refund. Early program departure may result in grade failure.

  • Am I able to work during Jump Start?

    Jump Start is an intense program, and students are not encouraged to work while participating.

  • Are my weekends my own?

    Students are free to explore the city on their own but please be aware of the scheduled weekend activities.

  • What is FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)?


Please contact The Center for Academic Support and Tutoring at 212-774-4820 or email us at