Online - Math Placement - Remotely

Instructions for Taking Math Placement Exam Remotely 

Online math placement exams are administered by Examity in conjunction with Accuplacer. If you want to take the exam remotely you will need to register with Examity. Once you create your account, you will need to submit a face and ID scan to verify your identity. Once your account is set up, you can then secure a date and time for your exam. For reference, you should consult the Examity Student Manual for detailed instructions on creating and verifying your account. Requirements and steps to register with Proctortrack are listed below.

Requirements to Take Math Exam Remotely:

  • A government-issued ID on test day
  • Stable internet connection for the duration of the test session
  • A computer or laptop with audio capabilities and user privileges to download the Examity software. Unfortunately, smartphones, iPads, Surface, and other tablets, will not work.
  • Required Operating System: MAC: OSX Sierra 10.12 or higher, PC: Windows 10 or higher, Chromebook: Version 80 or higher
  • Required Web Browser: You must take your exam using Google Chrome v80.0 or higher 
  • Javascript & Third Party Cookies enabled
  • A microphone and a webcam camera with 800x600 resolution or better that can show the whole room and desk space

Steps to Register for a Math Placement Exam Remotely

  • Submit the information we need to create a test voucher for your exam. This step is essential; we cannot proceed without this information. 
  • Follow the guidance in the email you will receive after you submit the information requested above. After you receive that email,  you will need to create an account with Examity  Please note that for identity verification purposes, you will need to provide an ID Scan and a Face Scan. For your reference, please consult the Examity Student Manual. 
  • Examity will verify your account with an email within 24 hours. After being verified you can schedule your online exam. 

Scheduling the Test:

  • Once you receive that email verifying your data, log back on to Examity
  • Prior to your exam, please confirm that you meet Examity’s technical requirements which include: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, please disable your pop-up blocker for your browser, 

    Desktop, Chromebook, or laptop computers (tablets and mobile devices are not supported) must have a built-in or external webcam and a built-in or external microphone, also they built-in or external microphone and speakers. The internet connection that you use must have an upload and download speed of at least 2Mbps.

  • Follow the directions to schedule your exam time.

Preparation for the Day of the Test:

  • Read the Examity Guidelines for the Test to prepare 
  • Sit in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed while testing. You CANNOT take the exam at any of the following locations: a place of employment; a coffee shop; an internet café; or library.
  • Clear a workspace for your monitor, mouse, keyboard, blank scratch paper, and pencil. All other items must be removed from your table/desk.
  • Smartwatches are prohibited 
  • Calculators are not allowed unless you have a prescribed accommodation. If you need accommodations, please email
  • Be sure to have your photo ID ready. You will need to show it to your proctor. You will also need a smartphone for verification. 
  • If you want to prepare for the exam, here is a link to the study guide and practice exam
  • If you run into any difficulty setting up the exam, you would need to contact Examity— there is a chat feature in the Examity desktop app. 

Testing Accommodations

If you have a learning, physical, psychological, hearing, visual, and/or medical disability and need accommodations please email or call The Office of Disability Services at (212) 774-0719

Any questions about placements exams can be emailed to