Placement Testing

Placement into Writing and Mathematics Courses

Students are placed into writing and math courses based on their SAT scores. Upon request, the Center for Academic Support and Tutoring is prepared to coordinate and administer placement tests in writing and mathematics. There is no opportunity to re-take either the English Skills or the Mathematics Skills Examinations.



This 90-minute examination tests a student’s ability to compose an essay on a specific reading. 

Qualified professionals score essays for basic paragraph and sentence structure, thesis, and ability to reason logically with limited supporting detail. 



This online placement exam consists of three possible sections: arithmetic, elementary algebra, and college math. The difficulty of the questions is quickly and automatically adapted to the capability of the individual student.

The Arithmetic section measures ability to perform basic arithmetic operations and solve problems, the Elementary Algebra test measures ability to perform basic algebraic operation and understand elementary algebraic concepts, and the College-Level Mathematics measures ability to solve problems involving college-level mathematics concepts.