Placement Testing

Placement into Writing and Mathematics Courses

Students are placed in the math and writing courses based on their entrance exam scores and other criteria. Upon request, writing and math placement tests can be administrated.   All writing exams are administered virtually; the math exams are administered both virtually and in person. Please note students can only take each placement test one time.  See below for details.

Fall 2022

The period to take placement exams for both math and writing has ended. There will be upcoming opportunities for the Spring 2023 that will be announced within the coming weeks. Check this webpage and your email  for details. 

Writing Placement Test

This 90-minute examination tests a student’s ability to compose an essay on a specific reading.

Qualified professionals score essays for basic paragraph and sentence structure, thesis, and ability to reason logically with limited supporting detail. All writing placement exams are administered online via MMC’s Brightspace.

If you wish to take the writing placement exam, please email to register.

Math Placement Test

This 120 minutes math placement exam consists of quantitative reasoning, algebra, and statistics. 

Administered by the College Board, the Math Placement Exam takes place on Accuplacer, a software system that facilities the process. In order to register for a math placement exam, Marymount needs to solicit your birthdate to create a test voucher for Accuplacer.  ImportantPlease click here and provide us with that information

For your information, here is a link to the Accuplacer Privacy Policy

Students can take the math placement  exam one of two ways. The easiest and most straight-forward would be to register for the on-campus in-person exam (dates yet to be determined). All you would need to do is register when dates are made available, submit the needed information (link above after the word Important) , and then show up the day of the exam with your test voucher and ID.  

If you need to take the math placement exam remotely, there are a lot more steps and protocols to address than the in-person. Click here for instructions on how to take the math placement exam remotely

Calculators are not allowed unless you have a prescribed accommodation. If you need accommodations, please email

If you want to prepare for the exam, here is a link to the study guide and practice exam

Testing Accommodations

If you have a learning, physical, psychological, hearing, visual and/or medical disability and need accommodations please email or call The Office of Disability Services at (212) 774-0719 

Any questions about placements exams can be emailed to