Forms and Publications

Enrollment Verification

Electronic Transcripts via National Student Clearinghouse’s Online Service (for MMC Students who attended 2005 to present)

Enrollment/Degree Verification Form  (for former MMC Students)

Note: Current MMC students may make an enrollment verification request online by accessing the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) link on the student portal.


Parent Connect - Overview

Parent Connect Instructions - Student/Parent Guide

Request to Amend Education Records

Request to Inspect and Review Education Records Form

Request for Student Information (For U.S. Investigators, Government Agencies, etc)

Restrict Directory Information Form

Student Consent to Release Personally Identifiable Information Form


Electronic Transcripts - Online Orders (Preferred Method )

Transcript Request Form (By mail / Paper Method/ Finch Student) - Not Available At This Time -See Electronic Transcripts above

Due to the impact of the global outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), there may be delays in the turnaround time for transcript processing as MMC staff are currently working remotely. Please check the MMC’s website for updates on COVID-19 and email  with any questions.

Grade Report Request Form

Third Party/Agent Authorization Form - Proxy Authorization

Transcript/Certificate Request Form (Continuing Education Program only)


Enrollment/Degree Verification Form

Graduation Application – Students must notify the Registrar when they are ready to graduate. This application must be completed before the deadline in the student’s second-to-last semester or when the student reaches 90 credits. This allows the Registrar’s Office sufficient time to review your record, address any concerns, and notify you of any outstanding degree requirements and important graduation information.

Program Evaluation (EVAL) in WebAdvisor - Tutorial

Re-Issue Diploma Form -Students who graduated from MMC with an undergraduate degree and would like to request a duplicate copy of his/her diploma, must download and complete the Re-Issue Diploma form.

Special Request for Permission to Participate in Commencement Ceremony

Leave of Absence/ Withdrawal

Maintenance of Matriculation Form  - Fall

Maintenance of Matriculation  Form - Spring

Official Withdrawal Form – Contact the Office of Academic Advisement

Other Registrar Forms

Hunter Consortium Form

Pace Consortium Form

Permission to take classes at another institution

Personal Data

Official Change of Address  Form

Official Name Change Form - Student must provide appropriate documentation for the name change ( birth certificate, marriage certificate, court order, certificate of naturalization).

Preferred Name Change (First Name Only) - See Preferred Name Change webpage


Registration Agreement Form

Registration Financial Agreement Form (to be completed in addition to the Registration Agreement Form - if MMC representative is processing student’s registration)

Program Change (PC) Form
Please complete the form using IE, Edge or Safari.

Course Withdrawal (CW) form - to be used during “W or WF” period - See Academic Calendar

Online Registration Manual

Online Registration in WebAdvisor - Guide

Program Evaluation in WebAdvisor - Tutorial

Independent Study Contract/Form

Prerequisite/Course Restriction Waiver Form