Registration and Records FAQ’s

  • How can I change my address?

    You can change your address online in MMC Connect.  Under “User Account”, you can update you mailing address and/or your local address.  You may also submit an address change by submitting an Official Change of Address Form.  The form can be downloaded from the Center for Student Services website:  Students should indicate if new address will be their new “preferred” address where all mail will be sent. The Official Change of Address form must have your written signature to authorize the change.

  • My insurance company/lender needs proof that I’m still in school. How can I get this?

    Students may request an education verification letter either in person, by mail, or by telephone by completing an Enrollment/Degree Verification Request Form. The education or enrollment verification will include the student’s name, enrollment status, and anticipated graduation date. Students requesting proof of enrollment for a term that has not yet commenced can receive proof of pre-registration letter only.

    Students or student loan servicer may also contact the National Student Loan Clearinghouse for verification of education and degree. The NSLC’s Enrollment Verify service is Web-based system that provides instant enrollment verifications for student service providers.

  • How can I change my official name?

    If a student has his or her name legally changed, they must fill out an Official Change of Name Form. Students must also show the original documentation stating their official change of name. A passport or other form of state-issued identification is not acceptable.

    All of the following must accompany each request:

    • Copy of birth certificate
    • Copy of certificate of naturalization (if applicable)
    • Legal notice of name change (esp. from published newspaper)
    • Copy of marriage certificate or divorce decree (if applicable)
  • How can I take an official leave of absence from Marymount?

    Students who must interrupt their studies for a compelling reason (for example, sustained illness, personal or financial matters that impede their ability to continue study) may be allowed to leave school for a stated period, not to exceed one year or two consecutive semesters. To do so, and thereby, retain one’s matriculated status, a student May request to maintain matriculation by completing a Maintenance of Matriculation Application Form.

    To qualify for maintenance of matriculation, students must satisfy the following conditions:

    • Must be in good academic standing (that is, the student’s cumulative GPA must be at least 2.0)
    • Must not have had any disciplinary action taken against them, while in attendance at MMC
    • Should not be planning on matriculating at another college/institution while maintaining matriculation at MMC.

    Such application must be submitted prior to the beginning of the given semester for which the Maintenance of Matriculation is sought. Students can check on MMC Connect to see if their request for maintenance of matriculation have been approved.   The maintenance of matriculation code, “REG 001” will be listed under “Academic History”. Students will be notified via MMC email, if their application has been rejected.

    International students, who must attend classes to maintain their F-1 Visa status, are not eligible for Maintenance of Matriculation. They should consult the Director of International Recruitment in the Office of Admissions for additional information.

  • How do I take courses at another institution and get credit at MMC?

    Degree-Seeking students wishing to take courses elsewhere must complete a Permission to Take Courses at Another Institution form. Students must indicate which courses they will be taking and have them approved for the transfer of credit by an academic advisor or chair of the sponsoring department. A copy of the form must be left with the Center for Student Services and one copy should be brought to the institution where the student will be attending as his or her official permit. Students must, after completing their coursework, have an official transcript sent to MMC so that credits may be transferred.  Student must received a minimum grade of C- for transfer.

  • How do I get my grades?

    Grade reports are available online via MMC Connect. If a student desires a printed grade report for themselves or to be sent to employers, they must complete a Grade Report Request Form. Printed grade reports are only available for the current semester and will be withheld if the student has any restrictions assigned to his/her account. Grades cannot be faxed or sent by any other electronic means.

  • How do I know if I’m ready to graduate?

    You should review your program evaluation in MMC Connect.  Under “Program Summary”, you will see your status.  If your PROGRAM SUMMARY states “(In Progress)” - this means you are missing requirement(s).  When you meet with your advisor on Advisement Day, you should review your program evaluation together.  Since the program evaluation shows what requirements are outstanding, you can map out your registration for the subsequent term(s).  If your program summary states “(Pending (Anticipated complete))” - this means you are taking all your requirements in your last semester.  Upon successful completion of all your classes, you will graduate in one of MMC’s three(3) conferral dates (June 01, September 01, or February 01).

    If you expect to graduate at the end of the term or within the next two terms, you should file for graduation.  You can do this do by clicking on “Application for Graduation” under Academic Planning in MMC Connect. 

    You will be notified periodically via MMC email by the Office of the Registrar, to check your Program Summary status.  A Program Summary stating “In Progress”, will alert you that outstanding issues need to be resolved before you can graduate and participate in commencement .  

  • When do I graduate?

    MMC graduates students during three different periods throughout the academic year:

    • September 1 (all requirements must be completed by August)
    • February 1 (all requirements must be completed by January)
    • June 1 (all requirements must be completed by May)

    While there are three official graduation dates throughout the year, there is only one commencement ceremony, which takes place in May after the close of the spring semester. September, February, and June graduates are all eligible for participation in the exercises.

  • How do I know if I will graduate with honors?

    MMC offers three different categories of graduation honors based on a student’s cumulative GPA upon completion of all graduation requirements:

    a. 3.500 - 3.699 CUM LAUDE
    b. 3.700 - 3.899 MAGNA CUM LAUDE
    c. 3.900 - 4.000 SUMMA CUM LAUDE

    Students are only eligible for honors if they have completed 60 or more residency credits at MMC. These credits cannot include independent studies, Pass/Fail courses, or internships. Honors are listed on a student’s diploma and final transcript.

  • Can I participate in commencement if I have not completed all my requirements for graduation?

    Students who are within six (6) credits of fulfilling their graduation requirements may walk in the commencement exercises under the following conditions:

    • The student has registered for their required coursework in either the Summer I or II term to ensure graduation by September 1
    • The student has paid for their Summer I or II coursework in full
    • The student has completed an “Special Request for Permission to Participate in Commencement Ceremony” application and has submitted the form to the Center for Student Services.

    Students must understand that walking in the ceremony does not mean that they have graduated. Transcripts, diplomas, and other pertinent documents will not include graduation date and degree earned until after successful completion of their requirements.

    In addition, September candidates participating(walking) in May’s commencement must be aware that they will not have their honors or awards announced at graduation. Honors will be listed on their diplomas or transcripts upon completion.

  • When will I receive my diploma?

    Diplomas are sent to print following the official graduation date (whether it be September, February, or June 1) and generally take two months to complete. Once diplomas arrive at MMC they are checked for accuracy and are signed by the President and Dean of the College. Diplomas are then sent by mail to the address indicated on the Graduation Application or held for pick-up at the student’s request.

    If a student has any restriction(s) on his/her account, their diploma will be held until all restrictions have been cleared. Once the student’s record is cleared, the diploma will be sent in the mail or the student may pick it up. In order to pick up a diploma, a student must show a valid photo ID.

  • How do you calculate a grade point average?

    GPA (Grade Point Average) is the numeric indicator of how a student has performed academically each semester. Each course grade received in a course is awarded Quality Points (i.e. grade of A = 4.00 quality points), which are used to calculate an “average” of the grades in a given semester. The semester GPA only takes into account the grades for courses taken in that particular semester. The “Cum” or cumulative GPA (also called cumulative index) takes into account the student’s performance over all their semesters here in the college. Transfer credits are not computed in the GPA.

    If a student would like to compute their GPA, they can use the handy online GPA calculator. Below is an example:

    Each grade received in a course is worth a certain number of quality points and the GPA and cumulative index are calculated using the total quality points earned divided by the number of credits earned. Here is an example of one semester’s GPA for Jane Q. Student:

    Grades Quality Points x credits = total quality points

    Grade Quality Points Credits Total
    A- 3.667 3.00 11.001
    B 3.000 3.00 9.00
    A 4.00 3.00 12.00
    B+ 3.333 3.00 9.999
    TOTAL   12.00 42.00

    42 (total quality points)/12.00 (credits) = 3.500

    To figure out Jane’s cumulative index, not just one’s semester’s GPA, she would need to include the quality points for the total number of courses taken at MMC (excluding a grade of W or P) and divide by the number of credits.

    Quality points are shown on grade reports and transcripts.

  • Can I decide whether or not my parents can receive my grades?

    According to FERPA, your grades cannot be released to your parent(s) or third party without your written consent. Students who wish to authorize family members or other persons in obtaining their academic information, must gain access via Parent Connect (for more information, students can download the  Parent Connect Instruction Form.
    For more information, visit our FERPA page on our website.

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