Degree and Enrollment Certification

Enrollment Verification or certification letters are normally requested for insurance companies, potential employers and loan companies. 

 Certification of directory information may be released without the student’s written authorization. Marymount Manhattan College defines directory information as permanent addresses, dates of attendance, enrollment status, degree program, major field of study, classification, degree earned, graduation date, anticipated date of graduation, and similar information. If a student has chosen to restrict his or her directory information, a written release from the student is required in order to process the request.

Non-directory information is considered confidential and may be released only with the student’s written authorization and signature, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.  If students require non-directory information (e.g. cumulative gpa, number of completed credits) to be release, the student must fill out the Student Consent to Release Personally Identifiable Information form. 


Requesting an Enrollment Certification

There are two ways to request an enrollment/education certification:

1) The National Student Clearinghouse

Marymount Manhattan College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide Degree and Enrollment Verification.  The Clearinghouse’s EnrollmentVerify service is Web-based system that provides instant enrollment verifications for student service providers

If your student loan servicer is requesting your enrollment status, inform them that the information is available at the Clearinghouse.   EnrollmentVerify is designed to fulfill the verification requirements of companies that offer products or services requiring proof of a student’s enrollment status. National Student Loan Clearinghouse’s EnrollmentVerify is fully compliant with FERPA. The NSLC respects the policies governing release of student data to third parties of all participating institutions.  The Clearinghouse only releases directory information that confirms an individual’s degrees and academic credentials. Employers and background screening firms should contact the National Student Clearinghouse to request printed verification of attendance and degrees.

The National Student Clearinghouse offers the following services:

  • Print your Enrollment Verification certifications
  • View your enrollment history
  • View enrollment verifications provided to service providers at your request
  • Check loan deferment forms and electronic notifications sent to your lenders
  • Obtain a list of your student loan lenders and link to real-time loan information

Students may contact the National Student Loan Clearinghouse, for information at:

Web: or
Phone: 703.742.4200
Fax: 703.742.7792
Mail: National Student Clearinghouse; 2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300 Herndon, VA 20171


2) Enrollment/Degree Verification Request Form 

Students can download the Enrollment/Degree Verification Request form.  The form can be mailed, emailed (, or faxed  (212-517-0491) to the Center for Student Services.  Enrollment/degree verification requests may be also done in person, with photo id.  The Center for Student Services is located in the Nugent Building, Lower Level, Room 052.   The Center for Student Services will not process verification requests via telephone.