Financial Hardship

Students can receive work authorization for financial hardship under special circumstances.  This work authorization must be approved and authorized by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).  The application fee is $380.

Requirements for Financial Hardship

  • Student must be enrolled full-time for one academic year
  • Student must be unable to obtain on-campus employment or the compensation of the on-campus employment is insufficient to the student’s financial needs.
  • Student meets one or more of the following circumstances that are subject to approval for severe economic hardship:
    • Loss of financial aid due to no fault of the student
    • Loss of on-campus employment if it is not the student’s fault and no other on-campus job is available
    • Large increase in tuition or living costs
    • Substantial decrease in the relative value of the currency that the student depends upon to pay expenses
    • Unexpected changes in the financial condition of the student’s sources of financial support
    • Unexpected large medical bills
    • Other substantial, unexpected expenses


For more information and guidance for Financial Hardship, please contact the International Student Services Coordinator.