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Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

If an F-1 student would like to take a Leave of Absence or withdraw from MMC, they need to contact the International Student Services Coordinator.  Below is more information on the types of Leave of Absences available for students and the qualifications for each.

Medical Leave of Absence

  • Student needs to provide a letter from a licensed medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, or licensed clinical psychologist.
  • Student cannot exceed more than 12 months of a Medical Leave of Absence.
  • Student may stay in the United States during a Medical LOA

Leave of Absence (Outside the U.S.)

  • Student can take one semester of a Leave of Absence only if they are planning to be outside the United States during that time.
  • Student needs to be in good academic standing when requesting the Leave of Absence.

Leave of Absence (Exceeding 5 Months)

If a student is outside of the United States for more than 5 months during a Leave of Absence, their I-20 will no longer be valid. If they would like to return the following semester, then will need to get a new I-20. To do this, they must complete an I-20 application and pay a new SEVIS fee. The I-20 application will be submitted to the International Student Services Coordinator. Students should request this no less than two months before they plan on returning to the United States.


If a student is considering withdrawing from MMC, the student must contact the Office of Academic Advisement and the International Student Services Coordinator for additional information.

How to Apply

To request a Leave of Absence, the student must completed a Leave of Absence Request Form and receive authorization from the International Student Services Coordinator.