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Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy

An official withdrawal from any or all classes does not always entitle a student to a refund of tuition and fees paid or a reduction of costs incurred.

It is important to note that the College assesses charges and cancellations based upon tuition commitments for the full semester. The effective date of withdrawal and cancellation, if any, will be the date when a student files a formal application with the Center for Student Services.

If a student withdraws from one or more classes, during the drop/add period but does not drop below full-time status(12-16 credits) no forfeiture of tuition will be charged.  If a student withdraws from one or more classes and becomes less than full-time, forfeiture will be charged for the difference between full and part-time tuition rates using the schedule for partial withdrawals.

After the census date, students who did not attend classes and did not officially withdraw from MMC will be assessed 25% of their tuition charge as forfeiture.  Failure to attend classes or to make payment does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Marymount Manhattan College has arranged with Gradguard to offer a Tuition Protection Plan. This is an elective insurance plan which will minimize the financial portion of losses incurred when a student suffers a serious illness or accident and has to withdraw before the semester is completed. Go to or call 877-794-6603 for enrollment and additional information.

To be awarded MMC Institutional Aid including academic scholarships, all students are required to maintain full-time status (12 credits or more).  A student who fails to register full-time drops to part-time status, or withdraws completely prior to the census date will forfeit their institutional scholarships and grants for that semester.  If in a subsequent semester, the student returns to full-time status, their aid can then be reinstated for the new semester.  Reinstatement will be based on meeting the fund’s eligibility requirements and the availability of funds at the time of reinstatement

Students are considered in attendance until they officially withdraw from school or are requested to do so by a Dean. Students, who leave school voluntarily or drop a course, must do so through the proper channels or otherwise risk assuming full tuition charges. Students who fail to formally withdraw may also be responsible for repaying all or part of the financial aid funds received in the term.

Steps in Withdrawal Process:

  • The student must complete a Withdrawal Form available in the Office of Academic Advisement.
  • The signed Withdrawal Form is processed in the Center for Student Services.
  • The student’s financial aid eligibility may be revised, subject to federal, state, and institutional refund policies. The refund policy is listed below and is published in the College Catalogue. Fees are not refundable.
  • Consult the College Catalogue for additional details regarding withdrawal procedures

Students receiving financial aid who withdraw from school completely will have their tuition liability calculated based on the federal formula for Title IV withdrawals. Please refer to the “Return of Federal Aid Policy”. Students using payment plans or receiving financial aid are responsible for completing all payments if a balance exists after cancellation of tuition. Please note that all fees are non-refundable after the first day of the semester and only tuition will be canceled according to the following schedule:

Tuition Cancellation Schedule

Fall and Spring Sessions (based on a 15-week term)
Time of withdrawal % of Tuition credit          % of Tuition Liability
On or before term start date 100%                                             0%
During the first week of term 75 %                                            25%
During the second week 50%                                             50%
During the third week 25%                                              75%
During & after the fourth week 0%                                               100%
Summer Sessions (based on a five or six-week term)
If you withdraw % of Tuition credit           % of Tuition Liability
On or before term start date 100%                                                0%
During the first week of term 75 %                                               25%
During the second week 25 %                                               75%
During & after the third week 0%                                                 100%
January Session (based on terms shorter than five weeks)
If you withdraw % of Tuition credit             % of Tuition Liability
On or before term start date 100%                                                 0%
During the first week of term 25 %                                                75%
During & after the second week 0%                                                  100%
Housing and Meal Plan Cancellation Schedule
Fall and Spring Sessions (based on a 15-week term)
Time of withdrawal % of Tuition credit
On or before term start date 75% housing not including the $500 deposit and 0% of remaining dining dollars.
After first day of term 0% housing and 0% of remaining dining dollars
Summer and January Sessions
If you withdraw % of Tuition credit
On or before term start date 50% housing
After first day of term 0% housing

Dining Dollars for Residential Students:

All residential students are required to participate in the Dining Dollars program with a  minimum charge of $1350 each semester(Fall & Spring). When applying for housing, resident students select the desired amount of Dining Dollars. Residents who do not make a selection will automatically be enrolled in the minimum charge per semester. The Dining Dollars amount the student selects for the fall semester will automatically be charged to the resident’s account for the spring semester. Should the resident wish to change their Dining Dollars amount, the student must notify the Office of Residence Life via their MMC email account by the end of the add/drop period.

The College will carry-over any remaining Dining Dollars in a student’s account at the end of the fall semester and add it to the required Spring semester amount. At the end of the spring semester, any unused Dining Dollars will remain available for future use.  Balances will continue to carry-over from semester to semester until the student graduates or withdraws from the college, at which time all remaining Dining Dollars funds will be forfeited.