Registration Information

  • Registration Information

    All continuing degree students and non-matriculated students at Marymount Manhattan have the opportunity to register online for courses. Students may also register in person at the Center for Student Services during prescribed registration dates and times.

    Registration Periods

    There are two major registration periods throughout the academic year, generally in November for Spring and Summer courses and March/April for Fall and January courses. In order to register, all students must have activated their MMC E-mail accounts and MMC Connect. Students should review their program requirements, by selecting Program Evaluation in MMC Connect.   

    Program Evaluation (EVAL)

    Students will be able to view their Program Evaluation in MMC Connect, under the “Academic Planning” section. A program evaluation is an advisement tool that a student can use in planning his/her academic program. The program evaluation will show all completed courses taken at MMC, transfer courses, in-progress, registered, and pre-registered courses and matches them against the requirements for a particular degree program. The EVAL  is an internal document for advising purposes only. It is not a contract, official notification of graduation or a substitute for a transcript. The program evaluation(EVAL) will also provide a program summary of  a student’s total credits earned and gpa, and will list all the degree requirements (both complete and incomplete). Specifically, the program evaluation will produce a customized report that shows whether or not a student has:

    • fulfilled the requirements - (Completed) - highlighted in Green
    • requirements pending because the student is currently enrolled or pre-registered in the course(s) needed - ( Pending completion of unfinished activity) - highlighted in Orange
    • requirements partially completed - (In Progress) - highlighted in Blue
    • the course(s) still need to be taken (e.g.“1 Course Needed”)*

    *Although 1 course may be needed - check the total number of credits required

    • not started on taking the requirement(s) - (Not Started) - highlighted in Red

    The student should review the program evaluation with the student’s academic advisor.  Courses that are “Not Started” or listed as “Course Needed”, are courses the student still needs to take. The student and/or advisor can use the program evaluation(EVAL) as an academic planning tool to:

    • verify degree program or concentration
    • monitor a student’s progress towards completing a degree
    • map out course choices for the upcoming registration and future coursework
    • determine if a course substitution is needed
    • discover external credits (transfer credit, advanced placement, etc) pending or missing, and to recommend that the student take the necessary steps to ensure that the Registrar’s Office obtains these documents
    • determine a student’s last term at MMC or anticipated date of completion
    • explore other degree programs at MMC / “What-If” the student changes his/her program of study

    Click to view a Sample Program Evaluation or Program Evaluation in MMC Connect for a guide to understanding program evaluation(EVAL). 

    Students should check with their major department or Office of Academic Advisement to determine when the Advisement Planning Worksheet and Scheduling Grid will be available to students. When the forms are available, students should print out a copy of the forms and use it to prepare for their advisement appointment, along with the print out of their program evaluation.

    Students will be allowed to register on specific dates determined by the number of credits they have completed to date. Students must meet with their faculty advisor on the scheduled advisement day(s) prior to registration. Once a prescribed set of courses has been determined, academic advisors will  release (or “HBA” - have been advised) the student for registration. If the student has not been released or does not have an HBA clearance, the student will not be permitted to register online. More details about registration dates and times can be found on the “Dates and Deadlines” tab on our Registration Information webpage.

    Restrictions on your account

    If a student’s account has a hold/restriction, it must be cleared before the student is allowed to register. Restrictions can be viewed through MMC Connect. Restrictions can only be lifted by the Office(s) that assigned it. Once lifted, the student may follow the process(es) below for registration. Go to the Online Registration Manual to view a complete listing of restriction codes. 

    MMC Connect - Online Registration  Information

    Online registration in MMC Connect is open to continuing degree-seeking and non-matriculated students. In order to take advantage of online registration, students must have an active MMC e-mail account and have accessed MMCConnect . The Information Technology department can service any student who has not activated their email accounts.  Note - students (continuing, non-degree, non-matriculated) who do not have the prerequisite(s) for a class will not be able to register for those specific classes online.  Students will need to submit an approved prerequisite waiver form .  Go to  “Prereq waiver” under Planning and Scheduling Forms.  If the form is approved, a student service representative or registrar staff will process the registration into the class. 

    Academic Advisement 

    Students must meet with their faculty advisor on the scheduled Advisement Day(s) to choose a set of courses for the upcoming semester. Faculty advisors are responsible for releasing students for registration. If a student has not been advised (“HBA”), MMC Connect will not allow him/her to register online. It is also highly recommended that alternate courses be chosen during advisement since classes have been known to close quickly. Students who are in HEOP, Academic Access, or on an international (F-1 or similar) visa must see their program directors for registration approval.

    Special Advisement Process for Non-Matriculated Students

    Non-degree students who are planning to become MMC degree-seeking students will be required to meet with an academic advisor in the Office of Academic Advisement in the Center for Student Services to review their course selections before registering online. If you fall into this category, you will see a NDG (non-degree) restriction on MMC Connect and you can also view the name of your academic advisor, who will release you for registration.

    Pre/co requisite requirements still need to be met for Non-degree students. Students requiring special permission will need to supply CSS with the pre/co requisite waiver form approved by the faculty advisor/division chair.

    Avoiding Problems

    All potential problems that could delay online registration should be resolved before attempting to register online. Students should clear any holds/restrictions on their accounts and ensure that they have all necessary prerequisites completed. Students will not be allowed to register for courses that meet at the same time, courses that require permission from the instructor for entry, or courses for which the appropriate pre-requisites have not been completed.

    Students are allowed to take up to 18 credits per semester provided they have at least a 3.0 grade point average. MMCConnect will not allow a student to take over 17 credits if they have less than a 3.0. In this case, students must see Academic Advisement for permission to overload.

    If a course section is open to only certain class levels (e.g. juniors, seniors), students have to be at the required class level at the time of registration – not the class level upon completion of the current semester and/or completion of future summer or January session classes.

    Make sure all pre-requisites have been met. If you are deficient in any pre-requisite(s), the system will not allow you to register for the class. Consult your college catalogue for course/pre-requisite information.

    If students wish to register for classes without the pre/co-requisites, they will not be able to register on-line. Students must submit a prerequisite/restriction waiver form.   The prerequisite waiver form is available on the Office of Academic Advisement Form’s page under “Planning and Scheduling Forms”.   We recommend students submit their prerequisite/restriction waiver form days before their registration time begins.  Registrar staff will process the pre/co requisite waiver form prior to the student’s registration timeslot.    If the registration was successful, students will see their class on MMC Connect.  If there are any issues  (e.g. class section is closed, waitlist is full, accounts hold, class conflict etc.) the Registrar will send the student an email notification.  (*Note:  An approved prerequisite waiver does not guarantee  a seat into the class.  If the class is closed, students can opt to be added to the waitlist if  available or find an alternate class.

    If the course requires a co-requisite, it is recommended that you add the co-requisite class first on MMCConnect.

    Restriction for Advanced Interdisciplinary Perspectives (AIPs) for Fall 2021 courses – Students must have 39 credits completed*. The 39 credits may include your Spring 2021 and pre-registered Summer 2021 credits - but not other pre-registered credits for Fall 2021.  Students will receive the following alert message in Express Registration if they do not have the required number of credits:  “Must complete 39 credits before the start of the Fall term”.

     For a manual guide to registration, an Online Registration Manual is available if you click on the link.  For video instructions on how to register online, you may view the “How To Register Online” video by clicking the “How-To Video” tab under Registration Information.

  • Online Registration

    Summer and Fall 2021

    Preparing for Online Registration 

    • You must schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor to be released for online registration which begins on April 06, 2021.
    • Go on MMC Connect and print out your program evaluation.  Bring your program evaluation with you when you meet with your faculty advisor. To help you understand your program evaluation (EVAL), click on Program Evaluation in MMC Connect guide.
    • Registration forms are available under “Planning and Scheduling Forms” on the Office of Academic Advisement’s Forms page.  Click on Registration Agreement Form.  Students are encouraged to complete the Registration Agreement Form and download it prior to their Advisement Day or Advisement Period.  Note: Students should make sure their data has been saved on the Registration form.  Students may try a different browser if they are having issue saving their course information on the online registration form.  
    • Students should check with their major department or Office of Academic Advisement to determine when the Advisement Planning Worksheet and Scheduling Grid will be available to students. When the forms are available, students should print out a copy of the forms and their program evaluation to prepare for their advisement appointment.
    • The Registrar has created an Online Registration Checklist and Online Registration Manual for your convenience. The checklist lists all situations that may prevent you from registering on your priority registration date.  The online registration manual provides step-by-step instructions on how to register for classes on MMC Connect.

    HOLDS REMOVAL PERIOD: March 17 - March 24, 2021 


    Registration Dates and Deadlines

    Registration begins on Tuesday, April 06, 2021. Students will be emailed a specific date and time to register, during the week of March 22nd.

    • March 17th begins HOLDS REMOVAL PERIOD. You should check MMC Connect for any Restrictions (Holds) and clear them before you registration time slot.
    • Review your account for holds or other restrictions prior to the beginning of priority registration or risk missing your time slot.
    • Make sure you meet with your advisor and that you have been cleared for registration (HBA).
    • On MMC Connect in the Registration Menu, you will see listed your registration date and time and any restrictions (holds) and clearances on your account.
    • On Friday, March 26, 2021 - 5:00 pm the Registration Menu under the Students module on MMC Connect will be locked down until your priority registration date/time. You can still access all other modules on MMC Connect.
  • Dates & Deadlines

    Online Registration for Summer and Fall 2021 begins
       April 06, 2021! 

    Other Important Information
    Holds Removal Period - March 17 - March 24, 2021
    (Check on MMC Connect for restrictions & see the appropriate department to clear your hold)

    Priority Registration Date/Time - You will receive an email notification of your priority registration date/time during the week of March 22nd, 2021.
    On March 26, 2021 at 5:00 pm the Registration Menu under the Students module on MMC Connect will be locked down until your priority registration date/time. You can still access all other modules on MMC Connect.


    •   Spring 2021 Summer Seession I 2021 Summer Seession II 2021 Fall 2021
      Term Start/End Dates February 01 - May 20, 2021 May 24 - June 25, 2021 June 28 - July 30, 2021 August 30 - December 16, 2021
      Program Change Period* February 01 - February 08, 2021 May 24 - May 26, 2021 June 28 - June 30, 2021 August 30 - September 08, 2021
      Last Day to Register Online February 8, 2021 May 23, 2021 June 27, 2021 August 29, 2021
      Tuition Payment Deadline January 4, 2021 May 3, 2021 May 3, 2021 July 21, 2021
      Late Registration Date** January 11 - February 08, 2021 May 17 - May 26, 2021 June 21 - June 30, 2021 August 10 - September 08, 2021
      Last Day to Add a Class February 8, 2021 May 26, 2021 June 30, 2021 September 8, 2021
      *Change of Program fee may be applied for each transaction.        
      **Students registering on or after this date will be charged a non-refundable $175.00 late registration fee.        
  • FAQs

    How do I change my schedule once I’ve already registered?

    Students may add and/or drop courses online before the start of the term. After that date, all program changes must be made in person at the Center for Student Services. See the registration and deadlines tab for specific dates.

    During the official program change period (generally the first week in a major semester and shorter during the January and Summer intersession) a $30 fee will be charged every time a student makes a change to his/her schedule. The fee is charged per transaction , not per course added or dropped. Students must make all program changes within the specified time before incurring academic or financial penalties. Once the program change period ends, classes may not be added into a student’s schedule.

    To add/drop a course they must fill out a Program Change form (available at the Center for Student Services). The student will indicate which courses are to be added or dropped from their schedule. The form must be filled out in its entirety with all appropriate fields filled out. Degree students must have the form approved and signed by their advisor. Once submitted, the change will be process immediately and the student will receive a new comprehensive statement and receipt.

    Students who add or drop classes that result in a change in status, (i.e. full-time to part-time) will be responsible for all financial liabilities pertaining to such a change.

    I haven’t registered yet. Is it too late?

    Registration is ongoing and incurs no penalty fees until the official Late Registration period. A $175 fee will be charged to any student during this period.  For more information, view our Registration Dates and Deadlines tab.

    What if I can’t register at my assigned time?

    Your opportunity to register online begins when your priority registration date/time starts and will not end until the day before the start of term.   You can register manually in the CSS, after your priority registration date/time begins and until the end of the program change period, if your registration form has been approved by your faculty/academic advisor, if you have been cleared of all holds, and if you have been advised (HBA) by your faculty advisor.   If you are studying abroad, you can still register online. You will need to contact your advisor for approval(HBA) and then add your courses via MMC Connect. Contact an academic counselor in the Office of Academic Advisement at or 212-517-0568,  if you have questions and/or problems while you are trying to register if you are abroad.

    Note:  You will not be able to register before your registration priority date/time slot. 

    How many courses can I take?

    The typical MMC student enrolls for 5 classes or approximately 15 credits per semester.  Students are allowed to take up to 18 credits provided if they have an overall gpa of 3.00 or above.   Students who would like to register over and above the 18 credits maximum, will need to file a Request for Course Overload in the Office of Academic Advisement.  If the overload request is approved, the student must bring the overload request form, along with a program change (PC) form to add the course(s). manually in the CSS.

    If you are receiving financial aid and are planning on enrolling in less than 12 credits, you should consult with a financial aid counselor.   Most financial aid awards are closely tied to your status as a full-time (12 credits or more) student.

    What is my student status?

    Student status refers to the course load (in terms of credits) a student is taking during a given semester:

    • Less than half time: 0–5 credits
    • Half time: 6–8 credits
    • 3/4 time: 9–11 credits
    • Full time: 12 credits or above
    • Overload* - 16 credits or above

    *Overload: overload credits may result in additional tuition charges

    How can I register for a course if I am a non-matriculating student?

    Non-matriculating or non-degree students may register online through MMCConnect as long as the students have set up their network password and ID through the Office of Information Technology (4th Floor, Carson Hall).  Non-matriculating or non-degree students register in the same manner as a degree seeking students.  They will be given a priority registration date/time.  Non-matriculating or non-degree students will also need to be given clearance for registration (HBA), clear all holds/restrictions, and have fulfilled the prerequisites for each course.   If a student is seeking a prerequisite waiver, then the student must file a prerequisite waiver form.  The waiver needs to be approved by the course instructor, program chair, or dept/division chair.  The student may register manually provided that the student has an approved registration agreement form and/or prerequisite waiver form.

    How do I withdraw from a course?

    Once the Program Change period ends, students may no longer add courses into their schedules. They may, however, continue to drop courses but with academic and financial liabilities. Students wishing to drop a course or courses after the program change period has ended must complete a Course Withdrawal (CW) Form (Available at the Center for Student Services). On this form, the student may indicate which courses he/she would like to withdraw from. According to specific time intervals (indicated in the appropriate semester’s course bulletin) a student will receive either a grade of “W” or “WF” at the time of withdrawal.
    A “W” grade is shown on the student’s transcript but does not affect his or her cumulative grade point average. A “WF” grade is shown on the student’s transcript and is tabulated into the grade point average as an “F.” The student is financially liable for the full cost of the dropped course and any fees.

    The student must complete the Course Withdrawal form in its entirety and have an advisor approve the withdrawal. The change will be processed immediately and a new registration statement and receipt will be issued to the student.

    How can I withdraw completely from MMC?

    In order to withdraw completely from Marymount, a student must complete a Withdrawal Form (Available in the Office of Academic Advisement). This form is to be used only when withdrawing completely from the school. The student must fill out the form completely with their class schedule. The date the withdrawal is submitted determines whether or not the College will recalculate the student’s tuition, fees, and financial aid. The date the withdrawal is submitted also determines whether or not the student will be subject to academic penalty; that is receive grades of “W” or “WF.” If the withdrawal date precedes the official deadline for withdrawals, the student will receive grades of “W.” If the withdrawal date succeeds the official deadline, the student will receive grades of “WF.” Official deadlines for withdrawal are noted in the appropriate term’s course bulletin. An advisor in the Academic Advisement office must approve the Withdrawal Form.

    View our Frequently Asked Questions page for more Q & A!

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