Requesting a Transcript

Marymount Manhattan College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide online ordering for your MMC transcripts.  Electronic transcripts (e-transcripts) can be issued to the student or a third party in a secure manner. You will be able to order your transcripts 24 hours a day, seven days a week and track your order via text message or email. Transcripts ordered through the NSC are normally sent to a recipient within 3-5 business days* for current and former students who attended MMC from 2005 to present.

We recommend students request the electronic transcript delivery method (PDF) whenever appropriate as it is the quickest route to the intended recipient.  Most electronic PDF transcripts are processed within an hour of order placement, although some circumstances require additional processing time.  

Students who attended prior to 2005 may request an official/unofficial transcript on printed paper. Transcript processing time for manual, printed transcripts may take a minimum of 7-10 business days.

Transcript Request Procedures

Students can submit a transcript request either online or by paper. Read below for more details.

Note: If there are any financial holds (student accounts, library, financial aid) on your student record, you must resolve that hold before a transcript will be released. Questions regarding financial obligations to the College should be directed to the Center for Student Services at 212-517-0500.  For library holds, contact the library at 212-774-4800.


I. Order Transcripts Online


(For Current Students, Alumni, or Former Students who entered MMC from 2005 to Present)

Please note: Firefox is the preferred browser for the National Student Clearinghouse.

  1. Go directly to the National Student Clearinghouse Website
  2. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and click on the “Start” button
  3. The following information will be required for electronic transcript requests:
  • Your legal name at the time of attendance at MMC
  • Your MMC ID or SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact information:  Student’s phone number and email address
  • Transcript recipient’s email address - We recommend you contact the organization/institution to obtain a valid email address.  Once an electronic transcript is processed, revisions or correction to the email address cannot be made.  Students will need to submit another electronic transcript request.
  • Select Delivery Method (e.g. mail, PDF, pickup) and Processing Option*
  • A valid credit card* The student’s credit or debit card will not be charged until Marymount Manhattan College sends your transcript(s). 

Electronic Transcript Information:

  • Electronic transcripts can be generated for any student who has attended Marymount Manhattan College from 2005 to present.   Students who attended or graduated prior to 2005 will be reviewed.  If the academic records cannot be found in MMC’s current student information system (SIS), then the student can only request an official/unofficial paper transcript. Please allow additional time to retrieve records from archives.  The approximate processing time may be 3 to 5 weeks. 
  • The NSC transcript order site allows student to upload 3 documents (e.g. college (LSAT) application, essay, scholarship application) as attachments. 
    Supported format(s): PDF,JPG,JPEG,DOC,DOCX
    File name(s): Permits alpha numeric characters and non-consecutive periods, dashes, underscore and spaces
    Allow for additional processing time for document review.  Note, due to the automated nature of the electronic transcript service, the Registrar’s office will not be able to complete missing fields on attachments to be sent with e-transcripts.  All fields must be completed prior to submission through the NSC transcript order system.
  • Students will receive order updates via email and/or if opted, text messages. Students can also track their transcript orders online.
  • The electronic transcript will include MMC’s transcript key/legend. 
  • There will be an additional online processing fee for electronic transcripts.  The transcript fee is payable directly to the National Student Clearinghouse.
  • Electronic transcript requests with no document attachments or outstanding issues are processed within 24 hours of the request. *
  • Transcript requests cannot be processed for students with student financial services(student accounts/financial aid), library, or other transcript holds. You will be notified via email if a hold exists. The electronic transcript order is canceled within 30 days if the hold is not removed.
  • The retrieval link for the eTranscripts expires 30 days after the order is processed.  Please ensure that you or your recipient saves the PDF for retrieval after 30 day.

 *Additional processing time may be required for further research (e.g.  if student cannot be located in MMC’s student information system based on the data provided by the student’s transcript request order).



  • Now - Only MMC completed coursework* (including INC grades) will be printed on the transcript.  MMC courses  in-progress or current/pre-registered terms will not be displayed.  MMC students should view their grades on MMC Connect before ordering their etranscripts online.
  • After Degree is Awarded  - Degree earned and graduation date are not posted on MMC transcripts at the end of the term. Allow additional time for graduation processing.  
    • For June graduates - expected graduation posting date will be the second week in June. 
    • For September graduates - expected graduation posting date will be the second week in September.
    • For February graduates - expected graduation posting date will be the second week in February.     

During the interim, graduates may request a Graduation Verification letter to show proof of graduation.   To request a verification letter, graduates will need to submit the Enrollment/Degree Verification form to the Center for Student Services at

  • After Grades are Posted* - We recommend MMC students view their grades on MMC Connect before ordering their etranscripts online.

*Study abroad courses and courses under the Hunter College or Pace University consortial agreement will be included on your MMC transcript.  Keep in mind that study abroad institutions/Hunter College/Pace University may operate under a different academic calendar.  Grades for these courses may be posted after MMC’s term end.   We recommend students view their grades on MMC Connect before ordering their etranscripts online.

NSC Security Features:

The recipient will receive the login and password needed to open the transcript in two separate emails.  The login and password will be always required to open the transcript  document.  It is important that the user save the login and password information for future reference.  If the login information is lost, recipients must contact the National Student Clearinghouse directly to obtain the information.


II.  Order Transcript Request by mail, in person, fax, or scanned(email) - For MMC  and former Finch College Students

Students can request an official or unofficial transcript by downloading a transcript request form (TRF) from our website: 

The TRF must be filled out, printed and signed in blue or black ink.  Typed signature in a software font will be unacceptable.   Please include an email address or phone number in case of any problems.  Submit the TRF to the Center for Student Services (CSS) by mail, in person, fax, or as a scanned document via email.  

 Mailing address:

Center for Student Services
Marymount Manhattan College
221 East 71 St.                                                                                                                             New York, NY  10021

Fax number: 212-517-0491. Only unofficial transcripts can be faxed.

Scanned Transcript Request Form (TRF) - A completed TRF, may be scanned and emailed to

All transcript request forms (TRF’s) must have a handwritten student signature. Signatures from Microsoft Word (or other software programs) fonts are not acceptable.  MMC will accept a digital image of the student signature.


Methods of Delivery

1.  US Postal Service

Transcripts for current students and former students* in MMC’s student information system (SIS) are mailed via the United State Postal service and should be received approximately 5-7 business days after the request is processed.  However,  delays may be expected during holidays, inclement weather, or peak periods in the Center for Students Services.  CSS experiences a high volume of transactions during the first two weeks of the start of term including the January session, tuition payment due date,  and commencement.

If the transcript request is to be issued to the student,  the official transcript will be in a sealed enveloped and marked “Void if the Seal is Broken”.   Unofficial transcripts may be sent directly to the student. 

*Academic records of former MMC students whose records are not in MMC’s current SIS, will need to be retrieved through archives.  Allow a minimum of three (3) to five (5) weeks for processing.

2.  Pick up in person or by third party -

Student must bring a photo id for pickup.  If the transcript requestor is authorizing  a third party/agent for pickup, the transcript requestor must complete a “Third Party Authorization form” and include a copy of the requestor’s photo for identification.

3.  Method of Payment  -

  • Personal Check/Money Order  made payable to Marymount Manhattan College
  • Credit card - Visa/MasterCard/Discover only
  • FedEx - For special requests to have transcripts expedited via FedEx, students may contact the Center for Student Services at (212)517-0500.   The CSS will require a FedEx account number or credit card number and expiration date for FedEx billing purposes. FedEx charges cannot be billed to student accounts.

Please note: No transcripts are processed or mailed on days in which Marymount Manhattan College is closed.  To review MMC’s holiday schedule/school closing information go on MMC’s student portal or view the academic calendar.


  • Adult Continuing Education (non-credit) Program - Electronic transcripts (etranscripts)via National Student Clearinghouse is not available.  Former continuing education students must request an official/unofficial paper continuing education (CE)transcript by downloading a Continuing Education transcript/certificate request form.
  • Finch College - Electronic transcripts (etranscripts)via National Student Clearinghouse is not available.  Former Finch College students must request an official/unofficial paper transcript by downloading a transcript request form(TRF).
  • Malcolm King-Harlem Extension College Program - Marymount Manhattan College does not retain Malcolm King - Harlem student records.  For the location of academic records from former, merged, or renamed degree-granting institutions - click on the following link and search for Malcolm King:
  • Marymount College - Tarrytown Campus - Marymount Manhattan College does not retain Marymount College - Tarrytown Campus  student records.  For the location of academic records from former, merged, or renamed degree-granting institutions - click on the following link and search for Marymount Tarrytown Campus: