Many of our students receive merit- or need-based scholarships. We offer endowed funds, service awards, scholarships for transfers, and grants for future entrepreneurs, among many others. Look into external opportunities as well! You have options.


All students who apply for admissions are automatically considered for our 20+ scholarships. To be awarded MMC Institutional Aid including academic scholarships, all students are required to maintain full time status (12 credits or more).  A student who fails to register full time, drops to part time status or withdraws completely prior to the census date will forfeit their institutional scholarships and grants for that semester.  If in a subsequent semester, the student returns to full time status, their aid can then be reinstated for the new semester.  Reinstatement will be based on meeting the funds eligibility requirements and the availability of funds at the time of reinstatement.



From Fulbright fellowships and Boren awards to funds for young artists or African-American students, there are countless scholarships available through independent organizations and foundations.