Alternative Spring Break Program

In the fall of 2017, Hurricane Irma landed in Puerto Rico with the strongest winds the island has ever seen. Not long after, Hurricane Maria’s 155 mph ferocious winds struck the island, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. “It is the worst natural disaster on record in Puerto Rico and [several] months later, the island still does not have power and potable water in many areas.”

Puerto Rico
Saturday, April 13th thru Sunday, April 21st
Issue Area: Hurricane Relief


What is an alternative Spring break program?

Alternative Spring Break Programs are intended to challenge you to reflect critically upon your role in the community through service, activism, inquiry and leadership.  Trips provide opportunities to explore social, economic, political and cultural issues through unique immersion experiences that facilitate critical thinking and the exchange of ideas. 

what do i need to know before i apply?

  • Participation in an Alternative Spring Break Program requires time, energy, and commitment. Each participant must make a commitment to the duration of the program. Withdrawing at any point could jeopardize the trip for all participants.

  • Each participant  must pay a Student Participation Fee to participate.  These funds will be used to offset the overall cost of the program including transportation, housing, meals and program fees.  

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