Telemental Health

The CWC has been providing telemental health (video and phone) services since mid-March 2020 in context of the COVID-19 global pandemic. This has enabled us to continue to provide free, high quality mental health services to MMC students, despite working remotely.

We recognize that many students might be unfamiliar with telemental health, which can lead to some hesitation to use it. Please read on for FAQ’s which will hopefully demystify the process and help you feel more comfortable reaching out.  Remember: CWC is here for you, so please feel free to contact us at with any questions. 

Telemental Health FAQ’s:

What is Telemental Health?
Telemental health is the provision of mental health services though a live video connection, over the internet or phone. Telemental health is also sometimes referred to as “telehealth”, “teletherapy”, or “telepsychology.”


What Telemental Health Services Does CWC Currently Offer?
The CWC’s remote services include short-term, individual counseling, medication management with our nurse practitioner, drop-in hours, and off campus-referrals. CWC offers students the choice of video sessions (through HIPAA- compliant or phone sessions. We also continue to provide wellness outreach to the MMC community through our Instagram account @cwc_mmc, Youtube channel and various workshops that are held online.


Is Telemental Health Effective?
Yes! There is a robust body of literature indicating that telemental health is effective at treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, among other concerns. Even though CWC staff won’t be sitting in the same room as you, we are still able to effectively deliver high quality, compassionate mental health care to our students.


Why is CWC Offering Telemental Health Services Even Though Campus is Open?

The CWC is deeply committed to the health and safety of all of our students and staff. The NYS Department of Health has strongly recommended that people wear face coverings while indoors, even when physical distancing measures are observed. This means that students and CWC staff would be wearing masks during sessions and all interactions, which could have an impact on the development of therapeutic relationship. It would also make it more difficult to assess nonverbal facial cues and expressions, to lip read for those who are hard of hearing, and could potentially decrease the warmth and sense of safety in the counseling environment. Additionally, students often become emotional during therapy sessions, such as crying or speaking loudly, which could increase the release of respiratory particles in the air. Therefore, at this time, telemental health appointments continue to be the safest open for all.


What if I Prefer Not to Do a Video Session? Or Have Unreliable Wifi?
We understand that “Zoom fatigue” is real, and that on some days you might prefer to do your session over the phone, while on other days you might prefer a video session. Please speak with your counselor directly about your preferences, as well as any issues of technology.


What if I don’t have a Private Space to Do a Video or Phone Call?
Please contact CWC directly to discuss your specific situation. We’re here to help, and would be happy to assist in finding a solution that works for you.


How Do I Schedule an Appointment?
As the CWC staff is working remotely, we ask that students contact us via email at to discuss setting up an appointment. Please include your phone number so we can give you a call.  If you’ve been seen before at CWC, please feel free to email your counselor directly to schedule an appointment.


Do Telemental Health Services at CWC Cost Anything?
No. As always, all of our services are FREE!