Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is the devices and services that are used to increase, maintain, or improve the capabilities of a student with a disability. Assistive Technology at Marymount Manhattan College includes computer programs and applications that provide text-to-speech, the recording capability of classes, and study tools used for content review and paper writing. Currently, there are three software/hardware options offered at MMC: Sonocent Audio Note-Taker, Sonocent Glean, Kurzweil 3000, and the Echo Livescribe Pen. Training is provided by the Assistive Technology Specialist for Academic Access and Disability Services.

For more information on Assistive Technology please email Michael S. Johnson,

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Audio Recording Policy

Sonocent: Audio Note-taker or Glean are comprehensive softwares (compatible with both Mac and PC) that allows a user to capture important information simply and efficiently. Its primary function allows a user to record a lecture, take notes, and review a PowerPoint presentation simultaneously and side-by-side with its interface. Sonocent has a color-coding system to differentiate recorded information and tools to reduce noise and clicking. These software operates as a Note-Taking Accommodation for those eligible. 

Please see a comparable chart for both of these Sonocent Products. 

Audio Notetaker


Recording/Captures lectures into Visual Audio Blocks

Recording/Captures lectures into Visual Audio Blocks

Notes Placed Into 4 Key Categories

Notes Placed Into 10 Key Categories

Online Cloud Storage (Auto Saving)

Hard-drive Storage (Manual Saving)

Imports PDF Files

Imports PDF & Power Point Files

Works with Chromebook, Windows, Mac, IPAD, Tablet

Works with Windows, Mac, IPAD, Tablet

Audio Capture from specified application & aloud

Audio Capture from aloud

Notes & slides exportable

Notes, slides, & slides exportable

 Sonocent Audio Note-Taker Tutorial Quick Overview

Kurzweil 3000 is a software that includes reading text from a document aloud, writing, study skills, and test-taking. With an array of voice options, highlighting and extracting capabilities, dictionary, and translation choices. Kurzweil 3000 also has a basic built-in speech to text functionality (i.e. dictation), where you can speak into a microphone and text will be typed into an open text document.

Kurzweil Demonstration

Echo Livescribe Pen is a self-contained ink-pen that is packed with a microphone, speaker and on-board storage, it captures every moment of any interaction. Powered by a high-speed infrared camera, the Echo captures, recognizes and stores your handwriting – effortlessly bridging ink and digital. With a built-in microphone & speaker, the Echo digitizes your notes, simultaneously records audio and then plays them back. It can capture more than 20,000 pages of digital writing along with 200 hours of audio recording right within the Echo’s in-built memory. With this device, a student can write, record, and playback all with one small, smart device.

Echo Livescribe Pen Training


For more information, contact Michael S. Johnson, Assistive Technology Specialist for Academic Access and Disability Services at  or 212-774-0782.