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Faculty and Staff Resources

The Office of Disability Services collaborates with faculty and staff to facilitate approved accommodations and to continue the mission of Marymount Manhattan College’s commitment to accessibility. Please see below for more information about this process, or reach out to with any specific questions about complying with accommodations or accessibility challenges in your class.

Accommodation Information

Student request process

Students must self-identify as having the need for accommodations. While we all want to help students succeed and overcome obstacles, please only refer students to the Office of Disability Services if they ask about accommodations or accessibility. If you’re not sure how to help a student, you can also email Director of Disability Services Lauren Kilian at

Faculty notification

Professors receive accommodation letters through the Accommodate portal on the first day of the semester and after the add period ends. Accommodation letters notify professors about students’ approved accommodations and any necessary information. When a student makes a request during the semester, professors receive letters after the request process is complete.

Syllabus Information

Include the following paragraph (also available on the Syllabus Template) in your syllabus:

MMC provides reasonable accommodations for students with documented learning, physical, and / or psychological disabilities. Students who wish to pursue accommodations must contact the Office of Disability Services to submit their request before the start of the semester or after a qualifying event. To ensure that the academic accommodation process is complete when classes begin, students are encouraged to submit their request no later than August 1 for the fall semester and no later than January 1 for the spring semester. Students with questions about requesting accommodations or making use of existing accommodations may contact the Office of Disability Services at or visit our office in Nugent Hall 353. With students’ permission, the Office of Disability Services notifies faculty members each semester by confidential email about any approved accommodations for individual students. Please be aware that audio recording of class lectures and discussions is an accommodation some students may use when it is approved through the Office of Disability Services. If approved, the student signs a contract agreeing to keep all recordings confidential, not share them with others, and to destroy all recordings after completing the course.

Accessibility Resources

The Office of Disability Services can collaborate with and offer support to faculty to produce accessible documents and remediate existing course material so that it is compatible with technologies the Office of Disability Services provides to students. Please contact Adaptive Technology Specialist Lindsey Vermouth at



Office of Disability Services Policy Handbook

Contact Us

For more information or regarding specific accommodation questions, please contact Director of Disability Services Lauren Kilian at, and for assistive technology or alternative format questions, please contact Adaptive Technology Specialist Lindsey Vermouth at