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Congratulations to all our Fall 2024 admitted students! We can’t wait to welcome you to NYC this fall. Be sure to make your deposit today to secure your spot.

How to Register

Requesting Accommodations

Did you receive accommodations in high school? Do you identify as having a disability or a set of traits that might make you eligible for support? If so, you can request accommodations while at MMC.

Please review the steps below and let us know if you have any questions.

  • The first step when pursuing accommodations is to submit an accommodation request. This form will give you the opportunity to describe your request in detail and upload supporting documentation. You can also submit this documentation to The Office of Disability Services in Nugent Hall 353.

  • After we review your completed accommodation request and supporting documentation, we will contact you to set up an intake meeting, which provides a chance to find a plan among available options that will best meet your needs.  

Please note the following timelines to help the Office of Disability Services provide an efficient accommodation request process.

To ensure that academic accommodations are in place by the start of the semester, students should submit academic accommodation requests to the Office of Disability Services:

  • No later than July 1 for the fall semester
  • No later than January 1 for the spring semester
  • No later than May 1 for the summer semesters

So that housing accommodation requests may be reviewed before housing placements are finalized, students should submit housing accommodation requests to the Office of Disability Services:

  • No later than July 1 for fall housing
  • No later than January 1 for spring housing
  • No later than May 1 for summer housing

Documentation Requirements

In order to complete the accommodation request process, you must submit supporting documentation that is on letterhead, issued by a qualified professional, and dated within the last 3 years. Documentation must indicate that the individual has an impairment or set of traits that substantially limits a major life activity, and must address the following:

  • Nature and severity of the current impairment or traits
  • A specific diagnosis and (if relevant) prescribed treatment 
  • Any medical and educational history relevant to the impairment or traits
  • Functional limitations resulting from the impairment or traits
  • Recommended academic and nonacademic accommodation

For some accommodation requests, we may also be able to accept individualized education plans (IEP), 504 plans, psychological evaluation plans, and neuropsychological evaluation plans as primary or supplementary documentation.

Please note: 

  • An accommodation request process cannot be reviewed until a student has submitted the appropriate accommodation request forms and all supporting documentation.
  • The Office of Disability Services cannot accept documentation from any MMC affiliated staff or facility.
  • Students should only submit copies of official documentation, and retain copies of these records for themselves as well. MMC will not be responsible for sending documentation to other entities outside of the college.

Student Portal

The Office of Disability Services uses software called Accommodate by Symplicity. This software allows students to request and manage accommodations and make appointments with ODS staff, as well as request notetakers and testing accommodations. Please see the resources section on our Eligible Accommodations page for more information on this software.


If we have contacted you to schedule an intake meeting, you may request an appointment below. Enrolled MMC students may also use this link to request an appointment with Lauren Kilian, Director of Disability Services, to review current accommodations or to learn more about the accommodation request process.

Book a virtual appointment

Renewing and making use of accommodation requests

Once registered with the Office of Disability Services, students may indicate that they wish to make use of testing accommodations and/or renew academic and housing accommodations via the indicated forms below. 

  • Students receiving academic accommodations must submit requests to renew every term. Please review the Semester Request Guide or contact us at with any questions about this process.

  • Students receiving housing accommodations must submit requests to renew every school year via the Supplemental Request. Log into the Accommodate portal to complete this process. Please note that continuing students with housing accommodation requests should plan to submit the Supplemental Request to renew accommodations to the Office of Disability Services prior to requesting continued housing with the Office of Residence Life.

  • Students who receive testing accommodations who wish to apply their accommodations to an upcoming exam or quiz must submit a request through the Accommodate portal at least a week in advance, so that our office has time to make the necessary arrangements.

  • Students with a peer notetaker accommodation must renew their request every term via the Semester Request semester request.