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We’ve updated our Health and Safety Guidelines for the Fall 2021 semester. Visit MMC Onward to get the details.

Updates Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please view our Restart webpages here for the latest information about the COVID-19 pandemic and the College’s reopening plans.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has upended lives and altered the world in which we live, learn, and work. President Walk has established a Presidential Task Force to Restart MMC to prepare for the new educational environment ahead. The College is closely following local and state guidance and directives and is acting proactively to protect the health and safety of the community.

To share suggestions, concerns, or questions with the Task Force, please submit a comment through our Idea Catcher.

We will update this page as necessary to reflect all new information and guidance as available. Please review the important information provided on these pages.

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Important Resources

The following resources will have the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19:

Updates from MMC regarding COVID-19

The College continues to send community-wide updates with any new, critical information. All of these communications are available in your MMC email account and can also be found here.

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