Available Spaces

General Information

  • All outside users are required to use MMC’s on-site food service provider, Chartwells.
  • Alcohol must be purchased by the user and a licensed bartender, contracted through Chartwells, is required for events serving alcohol.
  • Facilities, Campus Safety and other miscellaneous personnel needs may be required at an additional cost. 
    • Facilities Staff at $50/hr, (2) Staff minimum, 4-Hr Shift minimum
    • Campus Safety Staff at $25/hr, 6-Hr Shift minimum
  • Media Services included in space rental fee (includes laptop, projector, screen, CD player, TV/VCR/DVD).
  • 15% Discount offered to Friends of the College.
  • Furniture on-site includes: (furniture based on availability)
    • 72” inch round tables
    • Folding chairs
    • Six foot tables
    • Eight foot tables
    • Podiums (wood & Lucite)
    • Movable white board
  • Additional furniture must be rented by user.

** You can also learn more about the specifics of all our Available Spaces by scrolling down to the bottom of the webpage or clicking here

** To request a rental space, please complete the form below

Rental Request Form:

Rental Request Form


To inquire about space availability, please complete the form below.

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Our Spaces:

The Great Hall

  • Location: Carson Building, 1st Floor
  • Rental rate: $110/hr
  • Best for receptions, conferences, dance rehearsals and informal performances
  • Approximately 39’ x 77’
  • Closeable sound-proof partition splits the room into The Great Hall West (39’ x 45’) and The Great Hall East (39’ x 32)
  • Two Dressing Rooms attached, each 15ppl capacity
  • Two mirrored walls, a sprung Marley floor and (12) Ballet barres
  • Max occupancy: 425 (without furniture)
  • Lecture style set-up: 350
  • Seated reception: 250
  • Two sound systems
  • Upright Baby Grand Piano
  • DANCE GROUPS: No rosin or tap shoes permitted on the sprung Marley floor

The Great Hall

Regina Peruggi Room

  • Location: Carson Building, 2nd Floor
  • Rental rate: $70/hr
  • Best for lectures, cocktail receptions, small readings and gatherings
  • Approximately 28’ x 35’
  • Traditional décor and hardwood floor
  • Max occupancy: 72

Regina Peruggi RoomRegina Peruggi Room

Theresa Lang Theatre

  • Location: Nugent Building, 1st Floor
  • Please inquire for pricing information
  • Best for performances and lectures
  • 225 seats
  • Measurements:
    • Width of proscenium opening: 30’1/2”
    • Deck to height of proscenium: 14’9”
    • Edge of stage to plaster line: 10’7”
    • Plaster line to back wall: 29’9”
    • House floor to deck (stage height): 2’1/2”
    • SL wing space: 8’10”
    • SR wing space: 31’3”
  • Orchestra pit
  • Lighting, Sound and Theatre support staff priced separately
  • Custom fit sprung Marley floor available for an additional price
  • Two dressing rooms attached, each 15ppl capacity
  • Wheelchair accessible

 The Theresa Lang TheatreThe Theresa Lang Theatre

The Theresa Lang Theatre The Theresa Lang Theatre



The Commons (East & West)The Commons floorplan

  • Location: Carson Building, 3rd Floor
  • Rental rate: $70/hr for The Commons East OR West, The Commons East AND West together is $140/hr, it’s an additional $40/hr to rent The Lowerre Family Terrace with The Commons
  • Best for Informal gatherings, receptions and meetings
  • Approximately 76’ x 28’
  • Max occupancy: 140
  • Closeable partition splits the space approximately in half
  • Banquette seating, bar seating, assorted (2), (4), and (6) top tables, (10) lounge chairs
  • Terrace access through movable glass doors in The Commons East
  • PLEASE NOTE: The furniture must remain in the space during all events, though the tables and chairs can be removed and/or rearranged. 

The CommonsThe Commons

The Lowerre Family Terrace

  • Location: Outdoor Space between Carson and Nugent Buildings, 3rd Floor
  • Rental rate: $70/hr and $110/hr with The Commons (East & West)
  • Approximately 28’ x 68’
  • Max occupancy: 70
  • ‘Seasonal’ Stone Waterwall
  • Raised platform seating
  • Assorted benches and (4) top tables
  • Access to The Commons East through movable glass doors
  • PLEASE NOTE: No smoking and no glassware permitted on the terrace. Amplified sound is permitted with a permit.

The Lowerre Family Terrace

 The Lowerre Family Terrace







  • (18) Classrooms
  • Rental rate: $40/hr
  • All classrooms equipped with tablet desks and built-in technology; i.e. Flat screen TVs, projection equipment and variations of white/blackboards
  • Network access available at request
  • Capacity of classrooms range from 20-32








  • (3) Dance Studios at $55/hr: Lower Level Dance Studio (24’ x 40’), Nugent 457 (22’ x 52’) and Nugent 460 (25’ x 52’)
  • Mirrored walls, sprung Marley floor and ballet barres
  • DANCE GROUPS: No rosin or tap shoes permitted on the sprung Marley floor


  • A full-service Starbucks is located in the lounge along with public MMC computers, a printer, TV and vending machines (lounge not available to rent

Nugent Lounge & Starbucks

 Nugent Lounge & Starbucks