Recognizing Our Students

We are proud to recognize the extraordinary achievements of our HEOP students, who not only shape the Program, but impact the entire College community through their dedication, activism, and leadership.

HEOP Student Leaders


Christine MitchellChristine Mitchell’ 20
HEOP Special Projects & Events Manager/Intern Christine Mitchell receives the 4th Annual HEOP Eilene Berstch Award and a Silver M Award at the 2020 Leadership Award, hosted by Student Development and Activities.


Stephanie Galvez Stephanie Galvez’ 23
HEOP Alumni Relations Manager/Intern, Stephanie Galvez receives MMC’s First Year Outstanding Leader Award at the 2020 Leadership Awards, hosted by Student Development and Activities. 


Jennifer Acevedo ’19
Jennifer was the recipient of the 2018 HEOP Student Spotlight of the Year. This recognition is owed to her hard work and dedication in creating meaningful change during her time at MMC.


Emely Sandoval ’19
In 2019, Emely received the Eilene Bertsch Award, created to honor MMC’s HEOP founder. The award is given to a senior who embodies the program’s mission of demonstrating potential for academic success and contributing as a leader to the MMC community. 


Congratulations to our Spring 2020 Dean’s List Students: Jerandy Beato, Zaheraa Ramsahoye, Ashley Alberto, Diana Camilo, Fahima Degia, Marilyn Gonzalez, Darlene Castillo, Amy Fernandez Orellana, Kayleen Cabrera, Aolani Kendall, Persis Quaicoe, Yasmine Johnson, Stephanie Dugbartey, Luznery Martinez, Jennifer Hernandez, Rosaelena Torres, Jayzean Santillana, Evelyn Mares