How to Apply

If you’ve checked that you meet the eligibility requirements, all that’s left is to apply. Be sure to check the box that reads: Higher Education Opportunity Program at the top of your Application for Admission. 

What’s Next After I Apply? 

  • A personal interview is required of all applicants under consideration. All income documentation must be submitted at the time of the interview:
    • Copies of recent tax returns
    • Letter from Public Assistance stating yearly benefits and names of those on the Public Assistance budget
    • Statements from Social Security stating yearly benefits for each member of the household receiving Social Security benefits. 
  • If no tax return was filed, a letter from the IRS stating “No Tax Return was Filed” must be presented. If unemployment benefits were received, a statement of total yearly benefits must be submitted. 
  • A high school transcript or a copy of GED scores must be forwarded to the HEOP office. 
  • Completed and signed FAFSA and TAP Application. 

Students who want to be considered for the Theatre Arts or Dance programs are encouraged to apply by December 15th. For more information about these majors or to schedule a mandatory audition refer to the Theatre and Dance page or contact Kevin Kemler at with any questions.

The priority deadline to be considered for HEOP Interview Day is February 1st. The final deadline is May 1st.

Is HEOP right for you? We want to hear from you!