Professional Development

An integral part of a Marymount Manhattan College education is hands-on career and professional development. The Higher Education Opportunity Program is no exception, with several new paid internship positions and leadership opportunities available within the Department.

The HEOP Leadership Council, founded by HEOP Director Harmony Cross, is a group of HEOP interns who have been appointed by the Director to lead specific projects. The purpose of the Leadership Council is to provide intentional professional development opportunities for students to gain practical experience and transferrable skills, to encourage career-readiness.

HEOP Leadership CouncilVirtual meeting of the HEOP 2021-2022 Leadership Council
 The 2020-2021 Council
  • Zaheraa Ramsahoye ’23 – Alumni and Parent Engagement & Homecoming Manager
  • Jerandy Beato ’24 – Alumni and Parent Engagement & Homecoming Manager
  • Ibrahim Bah ’24 – Young Men’s Initiative Manager
  • Emely Abrigo Barrera ’24 –Wellness Wednesday Programming Manager
  • Stephanie Galvez ’23 – Office Manager and FWS
  • Nereida Alvarez ’24 – Wellness Wednesday Programming Manager
  • Anaya Bond ’24 – Public Relations Manager and Chief Editor

HEOP Young Men’s Initiative (YMI)HEOP Alum Bryan Veloz '17 sharing successful networking strategies with YMI members.HEOP Alum Bryan Veloz '17 sharing successful networking strategies with YMI members.

The Young Men’s Initiative (YMI) was formed by former HEOP Counselor Keith Windsor to assist with recruitment for the Program. HEOP has since expanded the mission to include retention and graduation of the self-identified men of HEOP. The YMI cohort meets on a regular basis to discuss various topics, which are led by Stephanie Nunez, HEOP Counselor and Coordinator.  

Current Young Men’s Initiative Members
  • Jayzean Santillana ’21
  • Cesar Pinos ’23
  • Ibrahim Bah ’24

No Peer Left Behind: Mentor Program

The No Peer Left Behind Peer Mentoring Program was launched to provide an extra layer of support to the incoming class as they begin their virtual collegiate journey. All students were paired with an upper-class student based on common majors and interests. Mentors meet with their mentees bi-weekly to provide guidance and support as needed.

Peer Mentors SPR 21

2020-2021 Peer Mentors
Jayzean Santillana ’21
Fahima Degia ’21
Diana Camilo ’22
Lisbeth Green ’23
Darlene Castillo ’23
Amy Fernandez ’23
Luznery Martinez ’23