Preferred Name Change Policy for Faculty and Staff

Marymount Manhattan College recognizes that some Faculty and staff may identify by a name other than their Legal Name. For this reason, you may request to use this “Preferred Name” for certain College business.

Under MMC’s Preferred Name Change policy, Faculty and Staff may request that a “Preferred Name” be added to their Legal Name. You can make this request by submitting a completed Preferred Name Request form. Once the PNR form has been filed and processed, the Preferred Name will be displayed where possible in Marymount Manhattan’s administrative system. More specifically, the Preferred Name can be utilized in the following systems:

  • MMC ID Virtual ID Card (TouchNet OneCard)
  • MMC Email Display Name
  • Course Bulletin

The College uses several different information systems, some of which are unable to display a Preferred Name. In some cases, the College is required to use a faculty or staff member’s Legal Name (payroll, for example). The College is working towards being able to use Preferred Names across all information systems, but this will take time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions about requesting a Preferred Name, please contact the Office of Human Resources at (212) 517-0537.