Policy for Inclement Weather or Other School Closures/Delays


It is always the intent of the College to remain open and maintain regular business and academic operations, including normal class schedules, whenever possible. If weather conditions or other emergencies make it impossible to maintain regular business and academic operations, the College may announce an adjusted schedule or school closure, defined as the cancellation of classes and the closure of offices. When making these adjustments, consideration for maintaining operations will always be balanced with the safety of the community.

(Please note that buildings most often remain open during a school closure, and some activities may take place as scheduled and when announced.)

Commuting students, faculty, and staff should always exercise their best judgment with regard to road and transit conditions and other safety concerns.


In the event that the College is open but a staff member cannot commute to work, a personal day may be taken.  Working from home either during a school closure or during a day when a staff member cannot get to work due to commuting conditions should be approved by a supervisor. 

If it is announced that the College is closed, only required physical plant personnel will be expected to work and security personnel will be provided by the College’s security company.


In the event of an adjusted schedule or school closure, Faculty members are expected to make arrangements to make up a class, but not necessarily by scheduling an additional meeting. Because finding a suitable time is so difficult, given space and other scheduling constraints, faculty may instead assign an independent project of some variety to make up for the lost time.


Faculty and staff will be notified of any scheduling changes via the ConnectEd system. It is imperative that all employees sign up for ConnectEd so that the College has up to date contact information in the case of a school closure or other emergency.

Updates on a school delay or closure will also be available on the College website, www.mmm.edu, and via a recorded telephone message at 212.517.0400.

 Updates will also be communicated via NBC after 6:00 am.