Get Jabber

STEP 1: Schedule installation

* Please contact IT department at to schedule a time to have Jabber installed on your computer.


1. Look for the Jabber Icon


Select it to start the app

Note: The Desktop version will be located in your Programs or Applications folder.


2. In the Sign-in window enter the following:

User Name*


Your Email password



3. Jabber will log in and proceed to connect to your MMC telephone number and voicemail.

* You will be able to receive, place calls and access voicemail like you would in your physical desk phone.

* To make calls, enter the telephone number in the ’Search or Call’ field.

* You may also use the Calls or Recent history to dial previous numbers.

* For more information about how to use Jabber please refer to the User Guides.

* Note: you need to dial the same way you dial from your MMC desk phone (e.g. 1-9-areacode-phonenumber).

If Jabber is not working or you can’t Sign-in, please check the FAQ’s page for troubleshooting advice. IMPORTANT! Do not use Jabber to call 911

Make sure you use your cellular service to place 911 calls.