OneCard FAQ

  • What is the MMC ID Card?

    Your MMC ID Card is your picture ID that you received at the beginning of your first semester or your first day of work at MMC. Every student, staff and faculty are required to have a valid ID. Your ID is essential to access MMC buildings and for the use of various college facilities. Additionally, the MMC ID provides access for anyone who would like to use Dining Dollars . You may use Dining Dollars at the on-campus locations: 4th Floor Café, Starbucks, C-Store at 55th Street, as well as off-campus vendors located near the residence halls.

  • What is the Touchnet OneCard app?

    Your MMC Mobile OneCard can be accessed on your smartphone via the TouchNet OneCard App. Once loaded, it can be used to access buildings, in the library and for purchasing food at the following on campus locations: 4th Floor Café, Starbucks and C-Store at 55th Street, , as well as off-campus vendors located near the residence halls.

  • What are the Mobile OneCard Requirements?

    All MMC students, faculty and staff are required to create their Mobile OneCard by creating an account on OneWeb and then downloading the “TouchNet OneCard” app on their smartphone. Please see “How to Download the Mobile OneCard on Your Smartphone” contained in this FAQ. If you do not own a smartphone, you can obtain your MMC ID Card from Campus Safety.

    Your Mobile OneCard is required for entrance to campus events and facilities, and must be produced as a means of identification when requested by a College security officer or administrator. IDs are valid only for registered students, faculty and staff and are non-transferable. Using another person’s ID or ID number is prohibited. MMC students, faculty and staff are permitted to maintain only one current ID. Duplicating or tampering with information on the ID is not permitted. Dining Services utilizes a Dining Dollars declining balance system that is connected to your ID.

  • How do I sign up for a MMC OneCard?

    New Students, Faculty and Staff

    If you are new to MMC, you must get a photo taken by Campus Safety before you can activate your mobile OneCard.

    Please go to Campus Safety at 72nd Street Security Desk to get your photo taken if your photo was not taken at Griffin Days or the residence hall upon move-in.

    For detailed instructions on setting up your account and downloading the app, please see “How to Download the Mobile OneCard on Your Smartphone” contained in this FAQ. Your ID # can be found on your Mobile OneCard.

    Returning Students, Faculty and Staff

    Returning students, faculty and staff will need to sign-in to the TouchNet OneWeb site to create a password. Use your MMC ID and date of birth to sign in. Follow the instructions for resetting your password.  Make sure you remember your password. Once you create your password, you will be able to use your Student ID and Password to access the TouchNet OneCard app.

    Now you can download the TouchNet OneCard App.

    1. Find the Touchnet OneCard app in the Play Store  or App Store.
    2. Click the app once it is loaded onto your phone.
    3. Search for MMC (You should find Marymount Manhattan College).
    4. Login with your student ID (ex. 1234567) and the password you set up on the OneWeb site.
    5. If you are signing into the app for the first time you should enable location verification, and you can enable face verification or Touch Id to assist with signing into the TouchNet One Card app.  
  • What if I don’t have a smart phone?

    All MMC Students Staff and Faculty are required to download the OneCard Mobile App. If you feel you cannot do so, please click here to fill out a request for a physical ID.

    Requests from Faculty and Staff will be reviewed by HR. Requests from Students will be reviewed by Student Life. Once you complete the form, your request will go the the appropriate department and you will receive an email indicating whether your request was granted or not. If your request is granted, the email will contain the procedure for getting a physical card if your request was approved.

  • What if I punch a Time Clock?

    You can look up your ID number on your smartphone via the Touchnet OneCard App. Simply enter your ID number. Your ID number on your Mobile OneCard can be found directly under the barcode. There is no need to swipe a card.

  • How do I download the Mobile OneCard App on my cell phone?

  • How do I use Touchnet OneCard to add to my Dollars Balance?

    You can deposit money into your Dining Dollars blance using the Touchnet OneCard app by clicking “Campus Resources” and then “Add Money”. You can also go directly to OneWeb on your computer by clicking Here. In both cases you will need to enter your Student ID number and Password and click “Add Cash”. Complete the required form for payment processing.

    The following credit card types are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

  • How do I add my Financial Aid money to my Dining Dollars balance on my Mobile OneCard?

    Go to CSS and request the amount of money you want to add.

  • How do I check my Dining Dollars balance for purchases?

    Click here to access the TouchNet OneWeb site and check your balance. Click on Financial tab then click Balances. Your Dining Dollars balance will be viewable in this area.

    You can also view your balance via your Touchnet Mobile App by clicking the $ symbol. This will bring you to OneWeb where you will have to sign in with your Student ID and the same password you use for your mobile app.

  • How can I view my Transaction History for accuracy?

    You can access your transaction history by clicking “Campus Resources” and then “Add Money” on your mobile app. Login with your Student ID and password. Click on Financial and click Transactions. You can select a date range of 60 or 90 days as a default search. If you are looking for a particular day you can search a date range between the same two dates.  If you need a more precise date range, use the Advanced Search. You can also access OneWeb on your computer by clicking here .

  • I’ve lost my MMC OneCard – Physical or Virtual - What should I do?

    If you suspect your card or mobile phone is lost or stolen, play it safe and report it immediately to MMC’s Security Department to protect your identity and your accounts. As soon as possible, contact the IT Help Desk (Carson Hall 4th floor) to deactivate your mobile ID. For missing MMC ID cards, please contact the Center for Student Services and Campus Safety (212-517-0411) for replacement.

    Lost ID Card

    In the event an MMC ID card is lost or stolen, a replacement must be obtained from the security desk. Lost or stolen ID cards should be reported immediately to Campus Safety. There will be a $10 fee assessed to replace the first lost card, and a $25 fee assessed for each additional card. The fee should be paid to the Center for Student Services, lower level Nugent building. Present your receipt of payment to Campus Safety so a new card can be issued.

  • My MMC ID is not reading when swiped. What should I do?

    If your MMC ID is damaged due to normal wear and tear, it will be replaced free of charge if you have the physical card in your possession. Any other damages (such as, but not limited to, punching holes) will incur a replacement fee. If your mobile ID is not scanning, stop by the Campus Safety office on the first floor of Carson Hall.

  • What do I do if I think someone is using my MMC ID?


    Students who are found using an MMC ID or Mobile OneCard that does not belong to them will be considered in violation of the MMC Code of Conduct. If you suspect that someone is in violation, please report this immediately to Campus Safety.


    MMC expects a high standard of employee conduct.  Using an MMC ID that does not belong to you will be considered a violation of the MMC Employee Standards of Conduct.  If you suspect that someone is in violation, please report this immediately to Campus Safety. Corrective action will be taken, up to and including termination of employment if appropriate.