Your MMC OneCard is your Virtual ID mobile app/card that you can download to your smart phone.  The OneCard FAQ contains instructions on how to set up your account and download the Touchnet mobile app. Please see “How to Download the Mobile OneCard on Your Smartphone” contained in the OneCard FAQ. This Mobile OneCard is essential for entering the building and for utilizing various college facilities and programs.

Your MMC OneCard account is a debit account that may be used for:

Dining Dollars
Library check out
Griffin Gear College Store
Off Campus Merchants

All students are automatically entitled to a Mobile OneCard account. However, commuter students must activate their accounts by making an initial deposit. This can be done via OneWeb or via your Touchnet app. Please see “How do I use Touchnet OneCard to add to my Dollars Balance?” contained in the OneCard FAQ.

The OneCard eliminates the need for cash, change, and checkbooks. Only the student will have access to these funds as long the student keeps his/her OneCard secure.

In the Event you do not have a smart phone, you will need to get approval for a physical card. Please fill out this form. You will receive an email with further instructions.

Further information can be found on the MMC Portal.