Recommended Hardware & Software

To get the most out of your experience as a student at Marymount Manhattan College, the following hardware and software is recommended to be able to participate in a state-of-the-art education.

Art and Graphic Design Majors

Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, included with your MMC Email

Communication Art Majors

Adobe Creative Suite: Premiere, Audition, included with your MMC Email, ProTools

Theatre Arts Majors

For Audio Concentrations: Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton & Max for Live, Qlab

For all

Your personal computer must meet these requirements:

For Intel-Based Units (Most Window PCs and Laptops)


Minimum: Intel Core 2, or AMD Phenom

Recommended: Intel® Core™ i7 or AMD Phenom 2 or higher


Minimum: 8GB or better 

Recommended: 16GB or better


Windows 10 or Better

Hard Drive:

250GB or better



Software: Microsoft Office 356 is included with your MMC email through OneLogin

For Apple Laptops/Desktops:


Minimum: Intel Dual Core or Higher Mac

Recommended: Intel Core i5,i7 or Higher 


Minimum: 8GB

Recommended: 16GB or better


Minimum: macOS Big Sur (11)

Recommended: macOS Ventura (13)

Hard Drive:

250GB or better


For computer use on campus, we recommend purchasing a laptop computer, MMC has partnered with Dell, Gateway and Macintosh Computers to give you the best deal offered with the above minimum specifications.

 Shop on Marymount’s custom store at

Apple Educational Pricing

Additional Battery

We recommend that each student purchase an additional battery. Not all classes are electrically wired to accommodate every student laptop.

Technical Support

The College does not provide technical support for personal computers. We recommend that students either purchase the extended Apple Care or visit your nearest Apple Store. Schedule an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar here.  Or Contact Apple Support here.

Apple also gives you 90 days of complimentary telephone support and a year of repair coverage. You can extend your coverage with AppleCare Protection Plan. For hands-on help, visit the apple support page.

Purchase Apple Care with your Mac and save with Apple Education Pricing. 

Or contact The Geek Squad at or Geeks on Call at

You may also contact Computer Overhauls at, a company that gives Marymount Manhattan College a 15% discount. 

Technical Questions

For any questions relating to the purchase or compatibility of your computer, please contact our IT Department at 212-517-0580.