Room-Specific Tech Guides

Need help setting up the devices in your classroom? Below are some guides to help you get up and running. If you are unsure of what specific devices are installed in your room, scroll to what sort of technology does my room have? at the bottom of the page.

(note, this guide does not cover technology brought in from outside)



 How do I use this technology?


Laptop with TV


Laptop with Projector

Podium with Projector



  What sort of technology does my room have?




201 - Audio System

503 - Laptop with TV

504 - Laptop with TV

505 - Laptop with TV

509 - Laptop with TV

510 - Laptop with TV

606 - Laptop with Projector

610 - Laptop with TV

700 - Laptop with TV

701 - Laptop with TV

703 - Laptop with TV




248 - Laptop with TV (hdmi)

249 - Laptop with TV

458 - Podium with Projector

462 - Laptop with TV (hdmi)