Staff MMC Email

As a MMC Staff member, you have access to an “” email address through Microsoft Exchange. Below, you can find information in regards to setting up your account and what to do when your mailbox is full.

If you are a MMC Student or Faculty member, please use this link for information regarding your account.

How to access your email

You can access your MMC email from several different access points.

  • Via the Outlook Web App
    • To access your email from any device and any place, visit This will bring you to OWA (Outlook Web Access). Login with your username and password. Please use the following browsers to access OWA:
  • Via your mobile device
    • Through both Android, Apple and Windows phones, you can select “Exchange” as your email service. If prompted, the server is and the domain is 
  • Use Microsoft Outlook on your Windows Computer
    • Microsoft Outlook is provided with most versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc).


What To Do When Your Mailbox is Full

Empty Junk Mail or Spam Folder                    

Most messages in junk and spam folders are truly junk. Keep in mind that junk mail may be phishing scams. Do not click on any links in these emails.  You can delete these emails by clicking on the “Junk E-Mail” folder in OWA and clicking “Empty” near the top-middle of the e-mail window.


Eliminate Messages with Attachments

Your largest messages will contain attachments or embedded images. Find these larger messages and determine whether to save the attachments or images to a local or network drive, then delete as many of these messages as possible.

You can find emails with attachments by looking for the small paperclip on the right side of the subject line as shown below.


Eliminate Sent Messages

Consider deleting sent messages or messages containing multiple threads that are older than two to three years.  You can do this by deleting the messages individually or by holding down the CONTROL key and clicking on the folder once with your mouse to bring up a sub menu that will give you the option to “Empty Folder”.


Empty Trash or Deleted Folders

Deleting unwanted email does not clean up your mailbox. It simply moves the mail to the TRASH folder. You can delete these unwanted emails by finding the trash folder, highlighting all mail in that folder by clicking Control – A. Then clicking the delete button.

Before deleting these items, double check to make sure you are indeed in your TRASH folder.