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Upload Zoom Recordings to BOX

How to Upload and Share Your Zoom Recording.

Overview - This guide will walk you through how to upload a Zoom recording to and share it. When recording a Zoom session we recommend choosing the record locally option, as opposed to cloud based options due to processing times.

Step 1 : Locate your Zoom recording.

If you recorded your meeting locally navigate to where you set up your recordings to save.

• If you don’t know where you saved your recordings go to Zoom, then click the “Meetings” tab, then “Recorded.” Then select the meeting you are looking for the recording of. Click on that meeting, then click “Open”


If the meeting was recorded locally to your computer this will bring you to folder where the meeting is saved. Double click the folder. Take a mental note of where your file is saved.

Locate the file that ends with .mp4
This is the file you will be uploading and sharing. You can rename it if you wish.

Step 2: Upload Your Video to Box

Go to and sign in using your MMC credentials.

Next, create a new folder that you will upload your meeting into.

* Make folders in a way that makes sense for you. Do you want one folder for all of your Zoom
recordings. Or do you teach multiple classes and would you prefer one folder per class?

Title your folder and click “Create.” You do not need to invite people to your folder. We will be
creating a shared link.

You can either drag and drop your files into here or you can select upload.

If you select the upload option rather than drag and drop, navigate to your file after clicking
“Upload”, and then select “Choose”. Your video will begin uploading. This may take some time.

Step 3: Sharing Your Video/Creating a “Share Link”

You will see two options for sharing below. One that says “Share” which appears when you hover over your file. And another that says “Share this Folder.”

*If you want to share only this file select “Share.” If you plan to upload multiple files to this folder and would like each file you upload to this folder to be accessible to those you share with, then choose “Share this Folder.”


After clicking “Share” toggle the switch next to “Enable shared link.”

Now you have an active link. You can click copy and you can paste your link into an email, MMC Online or wherever you please.

Please note, by default, links are only accessible to people that have signed into with a MMC email address. If you need to send a link to someone outside of MMC click the option that says “People in your company” and change it to “People with the Link.” By default, links expire after 6 months.

If you ever need to locate the shared link again, simply login to and find the video you previously uploaded. If you shared an individual file you see a icon of a link next to the file, or if you shared the folder you will see the same icon next to the folder. Clicking this icon will bring up the Shared Link so that you may copy it or make changes.