Admitted Students – Make Your Deposit Today!

Congratulations to all our Fall 2024 admitted students! We can’t wait to welcome you to NYC this fall. Be sure to make your deposit today to secure your spot.


When used thoughtfully, typography can be a powerful tool to underscore or add visual meaning to our messages. 

Please read the following guidelines regarding font usage.

Primary Font: DTL Nobel T

Uses: Headlines and graphic callouts

DTL Nobel T font


Secondary Fonts: Freight Sans Pro & Freight Text Pro

Freight Sans Pro

Uses: Body copy, captions, and quotes

Freight Sans Pro font

Freight Text Pro

Uses: More formal communications

Freight Text Pro font


Alternative Font: Arial

For general users working in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or other similar programs, please use the substitute font family below.

Uses: Bold for headlines and graphic callouts; Regular for body copy Arial font