Blackboard Instructions

Blackboard is Marymount Manhattan College’s gateway to online courses or courses with a web-based component.

Students and faculty can logon to Blackboard by entering their full email address and password via the Third-Party SSO login (see image below) here

Login Screen for Blackboard

You can retrieve the Blackboard login information by going to the MMCPortal webpage. Log in to the portal using your regular Network Login and Password, then click on the Blackboard button to get your current Blackboard login information.

After getting the information, you can access Blackboard through a link from the Portal page, or click on Blackboard link on the homepage and login with this information

In order to be enrolled in the Blackboard portion of a class, you must be registered for the class already through MMCConnect. If you think you should be in a class and are not finding your name in the class roster, or if you have any other questions, please contact the Blackboard administrator, Brian Rocco at 212-774-4802 or email him.